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    The next new release from Schell's Armour Works: Campaigners Tents freebie!

    This set of 3 tents represents those used by the Cheledonian Armies while on campaign. Regular soldiers sleep in small one-man tents easily packed away and carried on the march, while Officers have larger tents with space enough for a proper bed and all the basic amenities. The Generals and Knights, and those of higher ranking call the Pavilion home while on campaign, a large tent divided into 2 rooms; a meeting area, and a private living area. Made of heavy canvas, these tents offer protection from the elements, and some small comfort away from home.


    3 tent types; A small one-man Soldiers Tent, a large Officers Tent, and a Knights Pavilion.

    Each tent has working tent flaps at the front with morphs to open and close either 1 or both flaps. The Pavilion features 2 rooms with a functional divider flap that can also be opened with morphs! These tents should be useful for just about any fantasy scene!

    Find them in the Village area of the Armouries on my site at!
    Click image for larger version

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    Swimming Poses for Kristin and Hiro 3 now available free from Schell's Armour Works!

    Features 10 swimming action poses each for Kristin and Hiro 3. Poses include; Back Stroke, Breast Stroke, Cannonball, the Crawl, Low Dive, High Dive, Treading Water, and 3 Underwater Swimming poses. Can be used for all your beach or pool scenes, and works perfectly for the free SCUBA set for Kristin in the Wardrobe!

    Find them here...!

    And don't forget the free SCUBA Diver set for Kristin found here...!

    Click image for larger version

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    New Freebie update: Shop Signs for Cheledonian House!


    A set of 8 simple smart parented props to use with the Cheledonian House so that it can be made up as a variety of typical town shops, such as the General Store, Black Smith, or Herbalist.

    These signs are matched to the furniture presets for the Cheledonian House that are included in my Cheledonian Furniture set! They will automatically load, parented in place, on the front of the House over the front door and have a separate material assigned for the signs so that they can be altered as needed!

    The Cheledonian House can also be combined with the free Vendor's Stall, Stables, Smithy, and Inn to create larger Shops and Businesses!

    Find them here...

    Click image for larger version

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    New, from the Village area of the Armouries at Schell's Armour Works: Cheledonian Terrains Set #1, and Cheledonian Vegetation Set #1!

    Cheledonian Terrains Set #1

    These easy to use tile-able terrains are designed to be mixed and matched to create as small or large a scene as you wish. Each of the 6 Village Road terrain bases in this set will meet seamlessly at the edges with each of the others, even when rotated 90 or 180 degrees, allowing for endless combinations. Included are terrain tiles for; Cross-roads Intersection (2 versions), a T-Intersection, a Road Corner, a Straight Road, and an Open Field (with no roads). These terrains will also be able to match seamlessly with additional terrain sets that we will be releasing in the future!


    6 large seamless terrain tiles with 4000x4000 sized high quality textures and matching bump maps.

    Tiles can be combined seamlessly for a huge range of combinations, from a single tile to an entire landscape of streets and fields.

    Cheledonian Vegetation Set #1

    To go with our Tile-able Village Terrains sets, we've created a variety of vegetation sets to use. This set of plants includes grasses, ferns, and palm trees to create lush environments for your fantasy scenes. Included are numerous clusters of plants, from single clumps of grass to large clusters of trees, grass and ferns. These plant groups can be loaded and positioned as needed, and include high quality textures!


    11 fully pose-able groups of plants to fill out your fantasy landscapes.

    Included are; a Single Grass Clump, a Single Fern, a Single Palm-tree, a Small Grass Cluster, Large Grass Cluster, a Large Fern Cluster, a Grass and Ferns Cluster, 3 groups of Palm-trees from Small to Large, and a Palm-trees with Ferns and Grass Cluster.

    The Grass and Ferns Cluster, and the Palm-trees with Ferns and Grass Cluster, are set up so that the entire group can be moved, and the grass and ferns can also be re-positioned and rotated within each group.

    Find them here in the Village!

    Click image for larger version

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