The next new release from Schell's Armour Works: Campaigners Tents freebie!

This set of 3 tents represents those used by the Cheledonian Armies while on campaign. Regular soldiers sleep in small one-man tents easily packed away and carried on the march, while Officers have larger tents with space enough for a proper bed and all the basic amenities. The Generals and Knights, and those of higher ranking call the Pavilion home while on campaign, a large tent divided into 2 rooms; a meeting area, and a private living area. Made of heavy canvas, these tents offer protection from the elements, and some small comfort away from home.


3 tent types; A small one-man Soldiers Tent, a large Officers Tent, and a Knights Pavilion.

Each tent has working tent flaps at the front with morphs to open and close either 1 or both flaps. The Pavilion features 2 rooms with a functional divider flap that can also be opened with morphs! These tents should be useful for just about any fantasy scene!

Find them in the Village area of the Armouries on my site at!
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