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    Poser 2010 Question

    I recently was forced to upgrade from Poser 8 to Poser 2010, (Poser 8 stopped functioning after my system tried to download some not requested Windows 10 components). Now that I have Poser 2010 can anyone tell me how to add the various components like characters, poses, lighting, hair, clothing, and scenes that I have accumulated since I started with Poser 8. Smith Micro assured me they were compatible.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Stop the world I need to get off.

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    I am not the best with details but I believe I can try to be of some help

    being a poser 10 user

    I have poser 7 as the location of all of my files I didn't wanna try to move them

    when you open poser to the right side of the screen there's an add library button

    Click image for larger version

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    click it then just navigate to the location of your poser 8

    if you are like me and have files in both the normal runtime and downloads this process has to be repeated twice

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    I will let you know how I make out. Is there a special installation method for new items?

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    I install everything manually into folders but I think all posers have an installing button.. somewhere

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    I have my Runtime folder on my D disk and when I install a new version of Poser I just add my runtimes from there. Then I can reload all my past Poserscenes. The problem could be that the Runtime folder grows. But I have inside the folder made folder for the most figures and so. Like V4, M4, Scenes, Hair and so. I think it works ok. When I got Poser Pro 11 I had some problem with dirict install in Poser Pro's runtime (something requires that). So I just mowed my Poser 10 install to my Runtime folder and can now install that there, because there are a Poser installation there. I so just add the Poser 10 Runtime to my Poser Pro. It works for me.

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    For some unknown reason, since I migrated to Poser 2010 I no longer have Victoria 4.2. Does it make a difference compared to Victoria 4? Some days by the time I find my head I forgot why I was looking for it.

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