I was watching a show earlier today which asked the question from a different point of view. The view is that Bigfoot exists but only as a result of television. The guy who started the show began with how he met a Native american who had given several interviews on various tv programs about Bigfoot and the Wendigo. He said the first time he was on tv, he was so scared that you could see he was almost paralyzed and almost everything he said was fed to him by the shows host and he largely just agreed with him. the guy would ask him if this was the spot where he first saw the Sasquatch and he said yes when he'd never been to that spot in his life... the interviewer carried him there saying it looked like a good spot to do a re-enactment. by the time it was over, he realized the white guy just wanted a Native American face on the show to talk about how Native Americans had stories about Bigfoot going back for thousands of years. They even did a shot of some ancient Native artwork on a cliff which all the Natives in the area knew was a medicine man wearing a buffalo headdress with a deerskin draped over it. They had even seen medicine men wearing such suits when he was a kid but that the people doing the show didn't want to hear that.

They then introduced a hunter who pointed out that an animal who wants to hide from you isn't going to throw rocks at you or at buildings you live in. That's a human quality and while he wouldn't put it past a monkey to do it, it would be a monkey we are well aware of because the action of throwing the rock alerts you to their presence and you will either get a photo, video or a body because if he were hunting a chimp and it acted like this, he's giving himself away and will be one dead chimp. He also pointed out how the vast majority of the Bigfoot videotaped are walking which definately proves they are fake if we're supposed to believe they fear humans or want to conceal themselves as we're being told. Any creature this elusive is going to be fast and expert at concealing itself. But, when discovered, the creature is going to panic and break into flight where the footprint patterns will be dramatically different than the flat looking footsteps most show us. The point there is he pointed to several casts of "running" Bigfoot and you can clearly tell this creature was casually walking along or purposely stomping as the width of the foot would distribute the footprints a bit differently than an animal in flight... they look staged. he then pointed to a few videos where he addresses how the Bigfoot sees the videographer and continues on it's way when a real animal would likely bolt back in the direction it came, stand there trying to figure out what to do, bolt out of there as quickly as possible in any direction and they might attack because they're not going to know what a camera is nor be camera shy... they only see the person.

A videographer did a staged setup with a group of people who all had video cameras. Each of them were sent into an area searching for a black bear they were told was seen but no one could prove it was there and they were afraid hunters would shoot it to prove it was there. Each one of them saw the man dressed in a fake Bigfoot costume and each one of them got video of the creature that you could make out the animals features even when the people with the cameras panicked.

An FBI agent who had participated in several manhunts in the countryside pointed out that most criminals on the run generally stay hidden because they either have help from others or they are well trained in survival skills. However, they aren't going to be leaving footprints, they're going to be well aware of their surroundings looking to see you before you see them and humans are so noisy that unless Bigfoot is deaf; they'll hear you and then see you while keeping themselves hidden. You simply are not going to catch them off guard like most people say they do and when they tell their stories or show their videos, they are clearly making a lot of noise where no creature afraid of being seen is going to be seen and any creature allowing itself to be seen like this will be caught by hunters or trappers looking for them because they have no fear of being seen or leaving trails. He addressed things like the stench everyone talks about and pointed out that all animals making such a stench do it to say stay away... but you will see them and you can catch them. A skunk gives off a strong odor where you know it's present. Because of the stench, you can easily track it down... the trick is that almost every creature knows that something that smells like that to a point the stench burns your nose is not a creature you want to mess with... but human hunters would use this to their advantage and we'd have a dozen Bigfoot by now if they really stunk this badly. He addressed the issue of beating on trees with a stick and pointed out this is the last thing any fugitive would do because you are giving away your location by doing it. The last thing you'd want to do is give away the general area where you can be found if you are trying to hide which is why you generally only hear predators doing this or smaller animals which have other defenses like being able to fly or burrow quickly into the ground... a creature as big as Bigfoot would have no such way to escape so they would not be beating on trees with a stick. Those Bigfoot experts who point out that various apes do this also point out that by doing this, the apes give away their locations so they can be caught on video and captured.

They even addressed shows like Finding Bigfoot where the shows hosts are all known fakers and how the towns they go to will all tell you they announce they are there and are looking for people who want to be on tv telling their Bigfoot stories. It's the part about getting on tv that vastly increases the number of people who come out and the number of Bigfoot stories being told for these people to choose a few to use in their show. They illustrated the point by showing several of the regions where most of the Bigfoot sightings have been reported and then revealed that these areas are the main areas where the Bigfoot hunting shows and groups are active. However, under any other circumstance, you would have the groups drawn to these areas due to the sightings and because the sightings of a rare bird, monkey or wolf are factual, the groups and tv shows going there will eventually locate the animal. The FBI agent and several hunters pointed out that they would be drawn to these areas and with all these sightings, they'd at least find proof the creature was there or capture it. Instead, what we see are the Bigfoot groups and tv programs going into an area first and then we begin seeing the number of Bigfoot reports start or increase based on these peoples activities hunting for witnesses and proof.

They then pulled a stunt where they spoke of a Bigfoot which was camouflaged like a tiger instead of the typical colors known on bears. Everyone they spoke to then began saying the Bigfoot they saw had stripes, hard to see but they had stripes that were a darker color than the rest of their fur which suddenly got lighter in color.

The reality is that many people claiming to see Bigfoot are actually people who have never seen a bear and think the bear they've seen is a Bigfoot. Most of the cases are total figments of peoples imaginations or outright lies where they pick up on the current trends in what Bigfoot hunters are saying to embellish their own stories with facts they never said before. The biggest thing they point to now is how bad it smells. Yet, anyone who has ever dealt with a skunk in the area knows that the smell gives away it's location and it's not hard to trap or kill them if you don't mind taking the chance of being skunked lol.

The show wasn't trying to say that Bigfoot doesn't exist as it was addressing the reality of what's being said vs facts they say could prove there is a Bigfoot out there.

If you eliminate the BS like the stench, tree knocking, men in suits trodding along like they're pulling a bulldozer with a chain and the baiting used by most Bigfoot hunters to attract fake stories for entertainment; there are some facts remaining that could prove a Bigfoot exists.

We know that many creatures are still relatively unknown because they genuinely are rare and elusive creatures. The key there is that many of these rare and elusive creatures have been proven to exist with almost no one looking for them vs thousands of people hunting Bigfoot and the Yeti. That doesn't mean they don't exist, it means there are so many liars out there that most who hunt him basically stake out a territory and then everyone follows after them. We might eventually discover a Bigfoot in Mississippi while there has maybe never been a Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest where most Bigfoot hunters have been searching due to all the false reports of them being there. It was the fugitive hunter who pointed this out as when he's been involved in manhunts, the number one problem were false reports that took valuable manpower and resources to areas where the fugitive never was nor would a fugitive ever seek to be... it is just an isolated location where no one in their right mind would go so it seems logical this is a location a fugitive would seek to be. But, most fugitives, even survivalists, will stay in areas where they can break into homes or find other humans to help them. If we were looking for Bigfoot, we'd want to find areas with plenty of food, where other Bigfoot are going to be found and they would pretty much follow the same patterns as most bears for those reasons as they would have similar diets in regard to the amount of food they would need for their enormous size.

Certain things you just can't get around with Bigfoot and one is the creatures size. To survive, it would need to get smaller was a general consensus if the creature existed where Bigfoot hunters say it exists.

So, is it real or fake?

It seems that the general consensus is that to prove it exists means killing one and providing it for scientific research. Otherwise, Bigfoot is just a myth because the only proof we will ever have that Bigfoot exists can be faked and is being faked. Only a body, alive or dead, will prove Bigfoot exists.