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    Maximillian Scrooge

    Ebenezer Scrooge was a man known for his wealth and for being one of the most evil men of his day. He began life in an affluent environment where his parents weren't wealthy, but they were comfortable which was rare in a time of so much suffering. Where his parents were benefactors of the poor, Scrooge himself felt only contempt as he knew few people wealthier than his parents and viewed himself as superior to these "mud monkeys". He despised physical labor and despised anyone seen as unclean or filthy even more. Ebenezer got his start in business working for his father as a youth and went off to college dutifully to improve himself to become more successful than his parents. Instead, he would learn there were wealthier people in the world than his family and came to envy them even as he hated them as he felt as if they viewed him the same way he viewed those poorer than himself. When he returned home, he was a changed man. He killed his parents to claim his inheritance and reinvested it determined to make the most powerful man in England. His investments in money lending was a front for a massive operation exploiting the poor as indentures.

    He was particularly cruel where children were concerned and women faced lives of prostitution in his employ if they wanted to earn more than the most meager of earnings. Ebenezer was so harsh that a secondary business became his most profitable because he literally worked people to death and was paid a few schillings each to bury them for sanitation purposes. Scrooge Mortuary & Charnal House made him wealthy beyond his imaginings as he allowed medical students to practice on the dead to learn anatomy and sold anything that went unclaimed after being paid for the burial he never performed. So hated was Scrooge that his name became synonymous with evil and abuse of wealth. Ebenezer would end his days alone having lost his business to his ruthless children but no one would part him from his wealth entirely. As he lay on his deathbed, he would be visited by three spirits sent to offer him a chance at redemption... the third, of which, became revealed as a devil when it became clear Scrooge would not repent and dragged his soul screaming into the abyss.

    The bloodline of Ebenezer Scrooge would seem to be cursed as it was thought that his descendants had crude oil in their veins and a chunk of coal burning where their hearts should be. Maximillian Scrooge was born to a mass murdering psychopath named Eleanor Scrooge. She was a black widow who killed for profit and a serial killer who killed for fun. If that didn't make her evil enough, she was a practitioner of black magick and graduated to mass murder to satisfy the bloodlust of the demons she served. When law enforcement finally caught up to her, they cut her down in a hail of bullets and she ejected her son onto the sidewalk unceremoniously soaked in her own blood. People would later remark how the police put over seventy bullets into his mother and not one struck the monster inside her... nor had they, in fact, killed her! With his mother in prison, Maximillian would be raised by his Great Uncle Cyrus who was ex military and more than a little Gung Ho. It would be Cyrus who guided Maximillian into the military and a future manufacturing weapons.

    Possessing a genius level intellect, Maximillian made his fortunes selling military armaments, pharmaceuticals, toys and inherited the families successful chain of funeral parlors. Together, all of these investments became known as Scrooge Corp Inc. where the unofficial slogan was, "You Kill'em And We Chill'em"! His one and only wife would be the heiress of Kaiser Bräuhäuser (Kaiserbräu Beers) Annamarie Kaiser who died giving birth to his twin daughters and was literally pickled by Maximillian in a large glass container of pure alcohol to preserve her remains against decay. His father was unknown to him until he began dabbling in black magick like his mother and found her writings detailing how she summoned the demon Azazel. It was during the time that he was becoming a Warlock that he first crossed paths with Candace Claus as a business rival. Seeking a hostile takeover of Christmastime Unlimited, Maximillian learned that Candace was much more than she seemed to be as she was the daughter what he had believed was only a mythical figure called Santa Claus.

    Theirs would be a heated battle which lasted for several years before Maximillian summoned Hell on Earth and lost his soul in the process when he was defeated. While his soul had been cast into damnation, his daughters Lexus and Brianna placed his body beside that of their mother keeping it alive but lacking it's soul. Taking advantage of this, the self styled God of Mischief, Flóki Gullveig assumed Maximillians guise seeking to continue his harassment of the Claus family. Lexus and Brianna were too young to officially take over their fathers company so they welcomed the imposter as he had no real interest in running the company. The twins secured the freedom of their grandmother for the sole purpose of summoning Azazel to liberate their fathers spirit and then, put a bullet in their grandmothers head as a blood sacrifice to complete the arrangement. Flóki realized the jig was up and made one final gambit against Candace Claus where his true identity would be revealed. His resurrection completed, Maximillian became restored as head of his corporation and brought a bit of Hell back with him as his demonic heritage now became realized.

    What he found was that Candace Claus had slashed through his toy merchandising costing him millions in lost profits. She had seemingly made it her goal to totally destroy his organization through her efforts to restore peace to the world, to help the poor and offer hope where hopelessness had prevailed. The demons blood flowing through Maximillians veins allowed him to forgive being slain and damned to a large boiling cesspool in some god forsaken pit. He was now more powerful than he ever would have known if not for these events and his rebirth provided him a new role as a "ferryman of the dead" delivering souls to his fathers kingdom. His daughters had grown into beautiful women whose loyalty to their father was without question and almost obsessive in it's nature. While preferring to outthink his opponents, Max Scrooge isn't afraid of a fight with martial arts or black magick having become well trained in both. He often surrounds himself with black dogs and baboons having grown fond of them during his time in Hell when their spirits were unleashed upon him as part of his torments.

    They had learned to assume the form of devil girls calling themselves Helter Skelter because of their almost crazed behavior which always seemed to have a calculated ruthlessness behind it. Their red horns, traditional devils tail and love for mayhem made them a handful even for their father as the only way even he could tell them apart is that each has a birthmark on the opposite ass cheek. They have tattoos which move on their bodies and can do so quickly enough that within seconds, they can be identical or their tattoos shift so each looks like the other did only moments before.

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