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    Beginning In March...

    As many of you know, RDNA recently announced a merger with DAZ. We were just informed that this week will be the last week of sponsorship in the POTW by RDNA. We only just had this confirmed although we suspected this might be the case with the rapid developments on the RDNA / DAZ merger.

    We are proud to announce that TheSchell is taking over as sponsor for POTW until a new permanent sponsor is found or we make other arrangements.

    We would like to thank TheSchell for stepping up and for his generosity so that we can continue giving out the weekly awards.

    Thank you all for your understanding.

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    Hi all! I'm happy to help out so that we can keep the POTW going and so that winners have some decent prizes to look forward to... at least until a better or more permanent solution can be found.

    As AB said in the General Discussion thread about the DAZ/RDNA merger, I'm providing the winners a choice of items from my site up to 25$ in value. When you win, you'll need to choose which items you'd like and pass your selections on to the staff so that they can notify me regarding winners and prize selections. They'll make arrangements with the winners and pass the information on to me.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the entries and to hearing from our winners. Enjoy and Happy Rendering!

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    of course, we could just make it permanent and force Chris to continuously put out new merchandise all the time

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    "Re: congrats
    congrats on winning POTW for dark city
    i will make the award this week and post it by thursday
    your prize is a 25.00 dollar gift cert with RDNA please contact Aine at
    with your info"

    So just to be clear, should this not be The Schell?
    Just want to know what to do.


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    Sorry I didn't update here. RDNA has responded that they will continue to sponsor from RDNA until the end of the month. They will then sponsor from DAZ. TheSchell has been informed and is still there to help us so that if confusion continues or maybe you would prefer to choose from him during the transition RDNA is making, we can always ask him if you can choose from him this week.

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    Okay thanks for the info, i take so the RDNA.

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    Many thanks to Chris.


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