Alien Covenant seems well on it's way to being a smash as it already scored $42 million in foreign box office with only a limited release before any US numbers because it's not even going to be released here until May 19th.

So, with only a limited foreign release, it's $111 million reported budget is already almost half covered and it's not even in wide release in foreign markets yet let alone not released in many foreign markets like it hasn't been released in the US yet.

What seems to be reaching moviegoers on this film is that instead of it being received as a prequel or dealing with Ridley Scott insisting Prometheus was unrelated to the Alien franchise, this one is devoted to the Aliens and we're getting all the thrills and gore that made the earlier films a hit with moviegoers.

It is obviously the sequel to Prometheus but the concept of calling it a sequel to Prometheus was thrown aside as while we see David and the Engineers, there's a host of Aliens both familiar and not in this one including an Alien King rather than the usual Alien Queen.

While the movie has some critics attacking it for some obvious flaws, most critics of the genre actually tell us that for people who loved the original movie and some of it's better sequels, this one is going to rank high on the list and could prove a real challenger to top the original movie in regard to the suspense it creates.

The biggest criticism of the film is that it doesn't take the franchise in new directions which isn't exactly true.

First, Prometheus was a huge departure from the franchise and many of the same critics had the same things to say about it.

Second is that all sequels have this issue as it's not taking the series in new directions that really matters. Alien Covenant is a departure from the franchise history as it's more a continuation of Prometheus moreso than of the Aliens franchise. Since Prometheus was a departure from the franchise, then Alien Covenant will be a departure as long as it carries on where Prometheus left off... which it does.

Third is that the goal here is to take the franchise away from where AvP took it as the appeal of AvP in the comics and with fans was that it took place on alien worlds for the most part and most hoped that AvP would happen in the future rather than the present. AvP was a continuation of the Predator series in this regard when we're seeing now that the Aliens as we know them did not even exist in the present day or the past... in relation to the movie franchise that is.

Fourth is that there is still the possibility that Ridley Scott and producers are going to link the Alien series to Blade Runner. Blade Runner 2049 will not have a direct link to the Alien series we are being told. However, there may be some easter eggs in the movie for people to find and to prepare them for future tie ins as both movies are apparently in the queue for sequels.

Meanwhile, one movie that's not getting a sequel after a lot of ill advised hype is King Arthur which had a $175 million dollar budget and a deal in the works for six movies total on a new franchise... it bombed big time and in every way as most wouldn't even know it was out there with the lack of promotions and advertising. It's said this franchise was aimed at an international box office return which now totals around $44 million in wide release with nothing major expected anywhere in the coming weeks as interest dropped dramatically after its May 12th release.

When you plan a release date on the same timeslot where you see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 going against you, you do do what Aliens Covenant did in choosing a few select markets for early release and then go into wide release when Guardians will be dying down... you don't go head to head with it especially when your subject material really isn't that appealing to US markets in the first place. This should have been released in Europe and Asia first in markets Guardians isn't going to play well in or hold off to release a few weeks later.

That's not to say that King Arthur Legend of the Sword is a bad movie as from what I've seen and heard from people who saw it, it's actually pretty good. But the timing, the lack of advertising support, the distribution... almost everything about this movie was designed to make it a flop. I can only hope that the movie is re-released later at a time more fortuitous for it and that they get things right as it does look like a movie worth you taking the kids and friends out to watch.

So, Aliens Covenant is extremely well thought out not only in how it was done and the story, but on its release dates, advertising and tie ins.

Hopefully, I'll get to see this one in theaters myself

As for Blade Runner 2049, I may wait to get this one on Bluray as I think it's one I'll enjoy more at home than in theaters unless I van catch it and Alien Covenant on the same day with someone to watch with me.

I might also buy King Arthur Legend of the Sword on Bluray... or, better yet, find someone to go in with me on buying the Bluray / DVD combo pack to split the cost to about the price of a movie ticket each as I truly enjoy this kind of movie and am very sorry to see what's happening to it due to the movie studio exec's seemingly having one brain they share between them with the others having empty heads when the brains not in their possession.

Anyone want to share the cost of a can of popcorn and some sippy drinks