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    How well do Animations work here?

    Hello my Artistic Friends,
    I was wondering how well do Animations in the Gif format work here?
    I made a few a good while back just to teach myself how to do it and they were fun to make but I wondered how well to they animate here? Also where would you post an animation?
    Anyway, Happy Renders my Friends

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    It works just fine, I had uploaded one in the Photography gallery, because it was made from a photo. It could be nice with an animatiom gallery, mabey.

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    Thanks Alan, I posted it to 2D / Mixed / Comics / Anime because it is a comic animation, I looked at your animation and it works great. What does not look so good is the Thumbnails that are created when uploading but that is ok since the original animation works fine. Thanks for your feedback

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    Sorry, should have replied sooner. The thumbs I think have a different compression rate. I saw what you mean as it's kinda jittery and looks a bit smeared doesn't it. I will ask our programmer if something can be done about this.



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