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    Glad to read an update from you AB.
    We had heavy rain, storms and floods here in Italy as well, especially in Tuscany.
    A whole family drowned in Leghorn, many fallen trees and many buildings damaged by wind.

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    Yep. Just need 950.00 more lol. That or 500.00.

    The storm that hit me was a total freak. This tablet is terrible but better than nothing.

    So far, this hurricane isn't so bad.

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    Don't get me wrong though. The tablets not bad but very limited. Doesn't help that it hasn't been used on a long while and I'm not used to it. I'm sure I'll acclimate and l will like it better soon.

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    Did you ever try a new or different power supply for your computer? I once pulled a power supply apart and there was a couple of fuses in it. That made me think there is some safety fuses in some of them to help prevent something like this. On the other hand, I strong enough power surge would wipe everything out. So many factors related to it.

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    thank you myquad and doc for your kind donation ab is thankful for your help

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    Was using a tablet and it died. Reformatted my phone twice and it's now stable enough to do a little but is very limited. Want to thank vash99 for the TV and myquad & docmikeb for donations that allowed me to get a DVD player. Mysticblueraven is working on a computer for me so hopefully will be back soon. Until then, impmon is in charge. Please BC volunteer to help her where you can. Big contest coming up and I am helpless to contribute ATM. Thanks to everyone

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    Thanks for the update, AB!

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    i put out some feelers in groups im in no word yet
    i hope to hear something soon that will help u out ab until then i was glad to help with the tv situation at least sorry i can do more

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    I will expect more cash lol. Thanks also Rene as all donations are appreciated. Still waiting on that five million Dim dollars Amira is sending


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