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Thread: Bug Reports

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    This is for the gallery issue right?

    Seems this bug is a bit worse than we thought as I was thinking it was just me and Impmon lol.

    Thanks for the report as every bit of information helps.

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    Ooops my answer is not relevant since it was a different matter .

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    Most obvious question... is your email correct in your site info?

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    I figure Avros is too smart to ask such a stupid question so I would lol

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    Yep it's the same email I've been using from the beginning.

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    And it's not a stupid question, but I did check that the email hadn't been changed for some weird reason lol

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    Okay Ladies and Gentleman. I have gone into your Profile Settings to makes a small change regarding Notifications, at this time please do not alter them yet. Let's see whether you receive PM or Emails that you have been missing out on. I want to see whether it is only affecting Galleries and/or the Forums. The Galleries are another thing and as many do not report issues, I will need to determine whether the problem is limited to the Forum only. Thank you for your co-operation. This appears to have occurred when we transferred to the new system, and are endeavouring to rectify this for you all promptly. Thank you all in advance for you patience and co-operation.

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    And when he says "we" he means "me" as in "Ab" because "he" was in the hospital lol

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    I was FINALLY able to upload an image to the gallery.
    (makes me sad my 2nd entry for Holiday contest would never upload before time was "up")

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    Well Avros fixed most of the issues before the contest ended by going into the accounts and ticking settings that weren't set or deleting images that were stuck in the queue blocking any additional uploads until that was removed. As far as I know, he hasn't worked on anything since then and everyone who was having problems with access to their computers was able to upload. Impmon had issues and he fixed hers but she was away during the last week of the contest.

    When was the last time you tried to upload as I need to ask Avros if he fixed your issue after the contest as I could swear I remember him saying he fixed it with the others before the contest ended.

    I hate that you didn't get that second image in because of a bug with the site but we could have uploaded it for you and told people to let us know for that reason.

    Always remember, if there's a bug and you cannot get an image uploaded for the contest, we will get it into that contest for you one way or another as no one will be denied access even if the site crashes because we'd allow you to upload to Facebook or some other site and credit that as your entry.

    Let's hope there are no more bugs but you know where to reach me if there are. We won't let you down about getting a contest entry submitted.


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