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    Blood rs

    Genesis of the Blood rs


    The earliest known beginnings of the Blood r originate with outcasts among the Greenskins known for their extreme violence. They would be born with telltale red markings on their flesh and banished into wastelands where their survival was not expected. Yet, it would be their violent nature that provided the advantages needed to find ways for survival that included coming together for mutual gain. Calling themselves the Mazgą, they developed a brutal religious faith founded on ritual sacrifice and cannibalism where you earned the right to live... or became food like any other animal.

    A powerful religious caste would emerge that grew wealthy with the discovery of a precious red gemstone found only on their lands and which could be fashioned into objects of power. They would use this power to summon forth a supernatural creature called the Fōrmolch (the dragon-like Salamander) which embodies practices that became known as blood and fire. They would also intermarry with a much more savage peoples called the Q'rk and, through selective breeding, created a new race of red-skinned warriors called the Kark... warriors who would overthrow the Mazgą and become the first to be known as Blood rs.


    The Blood rs clade name is Rauta which translates as Redskins because most possess varying shades of red skin color. This would not be a universal truth as some would have beige, brown and other flesh tones with only parts of their bodies colored or freckled red. While their eyes might look human, some have goat-like eyes that are ruby red and those that do not might have eyes that turn this way when bloodlust or rage overcomes them. Most have large, wolf-like teeth with the lower canines being larger than the upper ones. And while they come in various sizes and shapes, they are most often seen as slender and toned.

    Most Blood rs have body markings created through tattooing and scarification. These are placed upon them by Mazgą in ceremonies generally associated with life events and achievements while rarely for adornment. They also use body piercings and take pride in their battle scars. Their hair colors tend to be black, brown or red with the exception of white which normally indicates a lifespan up to five times longer than an average Blood r. Males are bulkier than females who are often more slender in form and children grow quickly into their adult forms being "prettier" in their youth but growing more savage in appearance with age.


    Blood rs are known for the almost instinctive levels of violence they inflict upon themselves and others. It is because of their violent nature that it is believed their flesh became permanently stained red with the blood of their victims and from which they gained their identity. Cruelty and infliction of unimaginable suffering are tools used to intimidate potential enemies and to instill fear among those they have conquered rather than from want or desire. Those they conquer must bear their mark and that of the new master to which they are given.

    Once marked, the Blood rs move on leaving behind only those unfit to travel and promising to return should these serfs forget they are no longer free... or should any make war against them as they are under the Blood rs protection. Those they leave behind intermarry with the conquered allowing them a measure of self rule under villeins and adopting those who prove themselves worthy as vassals. Mercenary by nature, Blood rs think only of themselves except where their respect is gained. Respect is the only thing a Blood r understands in regard to establishing relationships as they trust only those they respect.


    Courage, nobility, honor... all things Blood rs admire most are symbolized by blood as even a hated enemy will be given an honorable funeral should they merit it by the manner in which they die. Where they so often are seen as worshipers of death, Blood rs actually view themselves as it's preservers. The militant way in which they live is a dedication to their survival and that of those they might rule. Weakness is viewed as evil and wrong because there must be value to living and that value comes from strength whether physical, spiritual or of will alone.

    They spend much of their time training in the martial arts and learning survival techniques which might include ways to control their violent nature such as with meditation. It is from this that spiritualism developed and ancestor worship as the blood of their ancestors flows within their veins. Any sign of weakness they view as being inherited from disgrace from ancestors who brought shame on those descended from them just as they might inherit glory. To purge themselves of such weakness, they perform purification rituals and might even suspend their bodies from sharp hooks.


    Mating habits among the Blood rs rarely lead to permanent pair bonding due to their self centered way of thinking. Instead, pregnant female Blood rs travel to tribal enclaves that have been established by those unfit to survive through their own efforts. Here, they give birth and the entire community raises the children with their family bloodline being the first markings placed upon their bodies. Orphaned Blood rs are generally adopted by warriors to pass on their knowledge even as they are prepared to begin a journey to seek out any surviving family they might have.

    Their role is to protect, preserve and prepare Blood r children for survival before sending them into the world to seek out their destiny. Their mothers remain only so long as needed to nurse their child and to provide compensation to those chosen to raise their children. While a patriarchal culture within these enclaves, females remain longer than their male counterparts and often serve as primary trainers to the young in the ways of survival. Where males may journey far from these enclaves, females remain closer which is why towns and cities seem dominated by Blood r women while their armies are more dominated by men.




    The Kark were the first to be known as Rauta or Redskins and the most brutal of all the Blood r races. They depopulated entire regions and left permanent scars upon the land itself where they made war. Their name was inherited from the Q'rk with whom the Mazgą interbed to create them. This makes them kith and kin to the Karokk who themselves are descended more directly from the Q'rk and whose scent is recognized by the Blood r in their own blood. Racially, the Kark more closely resembled Karokk being tall and slender with facial characteristics, unlike most other rs. Unlike other rs who possess larger lower canines, the Kark possessed larger upper canines and were best known for the razor sharp, thorny protrusions from their body.

    Over the ages, the Kark would become extinct as a race having given birth to the ancestors of all Blood rs and being absorbed into their descendant races. There would occasionally be born genetic throwbacks who would be trained for a journey to find seclusive groups like themselves. Here, they seek enlightenment to control and focus their instincts to prevent becoming as brutal as their ancestors... something not accepted even by other Blood rs. The Kark are now known more as warrior monks who deny themselves the pleasures of the flesh and ally with fellow Blood rs when needed. They are also known to seek out the places which were ruled over by the original Kark seeking atonement, to honor those they slaughtered and to destroy any surviving evil they left behind.



    The Gr are the most populous and most successful of all the Blood r races. A central focus of the Gr has been emulating and adopting the ways of other species who discovered ways to survive in vast numbers. Humans would provide the most successful model for them to base their own culture on and to interbreed with. Thus, their populations would grow to number in the millions and they would find their way to almost all the Worlds of Shadow much as humans had done. Their name would even be a human name given to them because they prefer professions as warriors, as butchers, as athletes and as executioners... anything which might get their hands bloodied!

    When not mating with other Gr, males tend to mate with humans and females with other Rauta. This has allowed them to retain many of the strengths possessed by Blood rs while gaining the grace and beauty they find appealing about humans. Their social and cultural habits are also a mix with an example being how they enjoy foods as humans prepare, but still enjoy a fresh uncooked kill like their fellow Rauta might enjoy. Laws which they abide by establish their relationships with humans differently than with Rauta because humans are often physically weaker. This means they are expected to better control their violent behavior with humans while being more free to express their violent side with Rauta.



    In many ways, the Heldeoful (Hell-devil) are an evolutionary throwback to the Urumi possessing up to three devilish tails, long sticky tongues and four small horns on their forehead. Their ancestors were the Nārrastī, a race belonging to the Grnska (Greenskins) who became lost in a desert region after an extended battle. With them were Rauta mercenaries who were more adept at finding their way and who led them to an oasis that proved their salvation. There, they would establish a city in the shadows of an enormous rock outcropping which also serves as a fortification into which they carved a second, hidden city for their rulers.

    As the two races merged, a new race formed which acclimated to their desert surroundings. Although their skin would retain a reddish tan hue, they can alter their flesh color to blend into their desert surroundings to a point of disappearing in plain sight. They are also known for riding a beast called the Yukacua which shares this ability to blend into their desert environment. Limited interbreeding with Zār (Yellowskins) and Blēwaz allows them to be incredibly fast like the wind and provides and instinctive ability to find water. Heldeoful can also disappear quickly into the sand due to their Grnska lineage but it is fire and heat which is the dominant element in their nature inherited from the Rauta.



    The Thuk are one of the elder races among the Blood rs. They preserve more physical traits from the Kark than any of the rish races but regressed to possess green skin tones with large areas that are red and freckled. Thuk are also known for the ability to retract the razor sharp bone blades and thorn-like protrusions they inherited from the Kark. Known more for their ability to entrance animals and to communicate with them, the Thuk are also known for their ability to merge physically with them and are considered Half-rs and part of the Shurn.



    Dreūząz are practitioners of blood alchemy and feared because of their use of blood in their ceremonies. While they don't need to kill for the blood they use, they earned a reputation as executioners because they are most often employed to kill those condemned to death. They are known to drink blood, to bathe in it and to devour the still beating hearts of victims having adopted many of the religious rituals once known only to the Mazgą. They are also known as healers because they learn much about anatomy from their blood rituals and can heal as easily as they can kill. They can change this because they are a changeling race capable of taking on the characteristics of those whose blood they regularly take into themselves.



    The Xrūda (Zah-roo-dah) are a race of Blood r known for their bright blood red skin and the ability to regenerate from any injury. While rs are known for their healing ability to survive injuries, any ability to regenerate is limited in most. The Blēwaz are an exception to this as they can completely regenerate over a period of months and even grow additional limbs. Xrūda also possess this ability indicating interbreeding with the Blēwaz as where fire is the dominant element in most Blood rs, water is the dominant element among the Xrūda. Blood is inherently a water element and, it might be said that among the Xrūda, this water element runs red hot.

    Xrūda are found on the World of Elderon where they worship the god of lightning and death Xolotl and serve the Fallen Lord; Abraxas. They are amphibious creatures prefering regions near water because they train themselves to be experts in naval warfare. Their blood burns like gasoline when exposed to air but is protected by oils excreted by their bodies so that their flesh cannot be consumed by the flames. They are known for their close relations with gres and Oni whose cultural traits they often appropriate. Skin color for an Xrūda is a lighter shade of red with blotchy, darker birth markings that are inherited from their parents and unique to each family bloodline. The Xrūda prefer regions near water and are experts in naval warfare.



    Ngroht are the largest and most powerful of the Blood rs. They are dedicated to physical activities that build their bodies muscular framework. Whether or not these activities make any sense is of no concern to them as they might lift and hurl heavy stones or trees for the simple reason that it builds muscle. Their males tend to have light red to pink skin but their females have darker red flesh tone. Ngroht speak only when necessary and everything they do has meaning to them even if it's a sentimental act like placing a flower in a womans hair. While as violent as any Blood r, they are regarded as the most gentle of their races.



    Cru'or are the most frail in appearance of all the Blood rs. Underestimating them, however, proves folly as their appearance is deceptive. Their exterior layer of flesh can be heavily calcified making it extremely hard as are their claws and teeth. They train in martial arts and are extremely quick which lends itself to their nature as thieves who fight only when left no other choice. This is not to say they are cowards, it's in their nature to be this way as cunning and stealth are skills of survival like any other. Cru'or travel with others in groups finding that their abilities are valued by other races and being appreciated offers purpose they might not otherwise be given.

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    Now we need some art for the Blood Orcs... anyone game to try?

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    My take on a Bloodorc Rauta Female. It's also uploaded to the appreciation gallery.

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    Why not include a link to the larger image

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    LOL I had a hard time figuring out how to post an image here and didn't have the patience to mess with it. I think I'm brain fried today :O

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    Well, people better sharpen their skills as Blood Wars is coming in January.


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