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    Thank you and congratulations all

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    Thank you so much for choose one of mine and congratulation for all winners and who participated. I can imagine how was difficult choose, there were some wonderful arts.

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    Thank you and congratulations to the other winners. I have sent in my wish list of prizes.

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    Congratulations to everyone and thank you!

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    ug had a message typed then cat walked on keyboard LOL

    TBH had a hard time at first because i'm not so good at Christmas... but I really have enjoyed seeing everyone's creepy, charming, and seductive (sometimes all at once???) darker christmas images Great work by all!

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    Congratulations to everyone who entered, it was a fantastic contest with some really wonderful works

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    an incredible array of images! congrats to everybody and thank you so much!

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    Congrats to everyone for some excellent entries!
    Schell’s Armour Works… Home of “Theschell’s” Fantasy, Sci-fi and Historical models for Poser and also home to the free, Stand-alone, Anime Girl Kristin Figure. Come check out my Website and Store at ... Hope to see you!

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    ooh thank you very much, and congrats to all. Some wonderful images as always :-) ... now, on to Orcs ...

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    Congrats to all.


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