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    January Contest: Blood Orcs / Blood Wars

    This months contest takes us into the Worlds of Shadow and brings us into the often brutal world of the Blood Orcs. Your challenge here is to illustrate this world and the lives of these hardy survivors.

    Do they have to be at war? Well, the theme is war but that doesn't mean they have to be fighting as there are many facets of war including the tribe going about their day to day lives as they ready for war, their families while their braves are off at war or even a hunt to provide food for the warriors born.

    Here is the link to the Topic I created for them Blood Orcs.

    You are not required to read the topic if you don't want to as it will only provide variables. Basically, a Blood Orc is an Orc with red skin. They are a separate branch of the Orc Clade so that they aren't typically green or black or brown but they can be. The difference to consider about Blood Orcs who aren't a shade of red is they have freckles and other birth markings that are red.

    If you have questions or are looking for items and skins for your characters, just ask.

    So, venture forth if you dare true believer into the realm of the Blood Orcs...


    1) All are welcome to enter any medium whether 2D or 3D.

    2) If you enter for fun and do not want a prize, let us know and we will remove you from consideration. Some people only want to showcase their talent and participate for the challenge. We understand this (see Rule #4 & #5)

    3) The contest will terminate on the official end of Jan 31 2018. That means you will have until the end of the day and the official start of the next at the Prime Meridian located in Greenwich, England. Any images posted after this date will be excluded from consideration (Please note that the date the image was posted may be different than the timezone where you live).

    4) All winners will choose their prizes. Judges will choose winners based on general criteria of appearance, imagination and talent applying their own tastes to the subject matter. An exception to this rule occurs where a sponsor requests to judge and choose who wins their product. Said sponsors are informed and made aware that if the person they choose already has the item, or cannot use it, they must then choose another winner.

    5) You will provide us a list of the prizes in order from what you want most at the contests end so that if you are no available when the judges render their verdict, we will have your list. This varies, of course, as you may provide us your list at any time during a contest where the prizes are announced on the first day of the contest. Larger contests differ in that prizes are announced daily. The reason for this is the time and effort needed to organize the event and add additional sponsors who agree to support us later in the contest. It also serves to build more drama and anticipation. You will never know what prize will be announced on any given specific day as a rule. Rules are sometimes meant to be broken and if a day is posted late or early, be aware and forewarned that it can happen.

    6) In some contests, a One Day Only prize may be added where the participants on that day only may win the prize. If no one enters on this day, the prize may be forfeited. It will be up to the sponsor if the item then goes into the prize lineup or they withdraw the offer. Should anyone enter on this day, all their images will be judged for the prize and it will be awarded. These One Day Only prizes will not necessarily disqualify you from winning additional prizes from the ongoing contest as these will be "in addition to" the prizes being offered.

    7) Images must follow the theme to the best of your ability. To assist judges in understanding how an image applies to a theme, please leave a comment should you or anyone feel an explanation may help avoid an image being disqualified from consideration because of this rule. Use your individual creativity and imagination. If you have questions... please post in the forums or ask other members.

    8) For regular monthly contests, there is a limit of three images per competition. In our larger contests, you may post one image a day (unless otherwise specified).

    9) No reworks. All images must be new and original works for this competition.

    10) Do not repost your work on any other site for at least three days and follow these terms;
    1) You must add a link back to the contest and state the nature of the competition
    2) You must add a Posted Date stating what day you posted to the competition.
    3) To avoid confusion, consider sharing the image on the fourth day after submission.

    11) Artistic nudity is allowed. Situations involving sexual intimacy may result in the image being removed. Sexual arousal, where the genitals are considered, is not allowed. No exposed genitals of a child character is allowed. For the sake of artistic integrity, an image of a topless "undeveloped" female will be considered the same as a male. This will be left to the discretion of the moderators and admin who will remove, but not delete, an image if they feel it is too child-like. Any member who feels unfairly treated may appeal to the site owner and to have the image reconsidered. Remember, although we will allow a topless child image, make any such image rare and understand it may still be removed. Please consider anime style characters for anything questionable and understand that we will do everything to be fair. But, every community needs to listen to all concerns and this particular concern can be very disruptive. If you have questions, please ask and make note that unless the site owner and designated Team leader approves the image, it may still be removed.

    12) We consider it trolling if criticism about content is made when images are within the rules. Take this rule seriously as there is no reason to be insulting nor for being too "thin-skinned" with a harsh but fair critique. Turn comments off for an image if you do not want comments or appeal directly to the site owner or designated Team Leader.

    13) Unless otherwise specified, on all prizes where you get to choose the prize, please include an alternate prize for any partnered prize or bundle. We cannot always know if a bundle or partnered item has been excluded. We will try to add such information as an "exclusion" on the prize listing.

    14) Consider adding some written text to explain your illustrations to help others better understand your image and leave comments on the entries of fellow contestants to show your appreciation. While this is not a rule, it is a rule of thumb because judges are not the only ones who may not understand an image or it's meaning. A "rule of thumb" means to help you better inform others of your creative thought processes.

    15) Consider adding variety. While this is not a rule in a general sense, we want to encourage everyone to explore the variety that makes up who and what we are. Consider this a "Rule of Thumb" which will not be enforced unless a contest specifically requires it. If the contest asks that you do an image of mammals, a dolphin or whale would qualify where a shark would not.

    16) Some prizes will be in the form of coupons and gift certificates. Please make sure to notice which you have won and to ask questions. We will try to inform you as to which is being offered but are not responsible for any misunderstandings. Again, ask questions and be informed.

    17) All prizes are the responsibility of sponsors to deliver. DSA and it's staff will make every effort to follow up with, and arrange collection of, any undelivered prizes. Many reasons exist for prizes being late or not arriving. Our sponsors are making an obligation to our contest participants and only when DSA itself sponsors the prize are we responsible for the actual delivery. We hope you understand this rule as prizes are offered to our members by the sponsors. Where possible, we will attempt to find a replacement prize of equal or superior value if informed soon after a contest ends and a reasonable time period has passed.

    18) If you don't have ideas or need help finding materials for your art, ask for help from fellow members about ideas and freebies to use. Challenge one another and your friends to participate as where's the fun in a competition where only three people enter. Create your own challenges to friends and members of this or other sites.

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    Ok, someone just noticed I forgot to add the prizes for last months contest. Lol, Impmon reminded me as I forgot due to having my birthday and several things going on at once including Impmon being away due to the cold. So naturally she reminded me once and because the contest usually has them and because i got distracted again... I pulled an oopsie. Prizes are the same as this months so go take a look at February and guys, if you ever see a contest posted here where prizes aren't listed... keep posting to remind me until I get them up lol.

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    quite funny to think no one really noticed
    “I am not eccentric. It's just that I am more alive than most people. I am an unpopular electric eel set in a pond of catfish.”
    ― Edith Sitwell

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    Even worse is I didn't notice and I set it up lol. Well, at least people did enter and they know they'll get prizes.

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    One $100.00 Gift Certificate From DAZ3D
    $50.00 Gift Certificate From Forender
    $25.00 Gift Certificate From Forender
    $12.00 Gift Certificate From Forender
    $12.00 Gift Certificate From Forender
    $12.00 Gift Certificate From Forender
    $20.00 Gift Certificate From Content Paradise
    One Item of Choice From Mercenary Studios
    One Item of Choice From Avros
    One Item of Choice From AngellsGraphics
    DSA Lycan DreamslayerVisions
    One Item of Choice From Spookielilone
    One Item of Choice From Jepe
    (No bundles or partnered items)
    Prize: three items of choice from Mortem Vetus rendo or daz store
    One Item of Choice From Hongyu from Renderosity or DAZ3D
    (No partnered items or bundles)
    One Item of Choice From Darwins Mishap(s)(NO DAZ ORIGINALS)
    One Item of Choice From Prae
    One Item of Choice From Sveva

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    Our winners for Januarys Blood Orcs contest are....

    1) Spookielilone Kizyl Redmaw - Ignis Noctis

    2)Lamuserie Blood is life

    3) Malv Sunar Boneblade

    4) Ferretmania A Bloodorcs decision

    5) lornagracevibert The Thuk

    Thanks to everyone who participated

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    Congratulations to the winners. The entries were outstanding.

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    Congratulations to all and thank you for choosing my image.

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    Congratulations to The Winners and super work all around, another great contest

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    well done winners, great pics and very entertaining


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