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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladonna View Post
    Avros, I try every size and format.
    Are you using special characters in the filename, if so remove them? [-*%!

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    Take this to the bugs topic ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avros View Post
    Are you using special characters in the filename, if so remove them? [-*%!
    No, nothing. My Landscape pics have the name which the camera gives them ( well mostly) Otherwise when I name them than simple "foresthill01" as example.

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    AB, I was the last days collecting old maps from Europe and France ( 1600-1900) Are you interested in them? They are from the French national Bibliothèque and free for use.

    Here I have also two interesting links about the Past Kings of France

    I could imagine with your writting talent you can spin a nice story here .

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    We have here also just around the corner a huge Battlefield from the 1st WW.
    This here was the last stand against the German. If they could break the line here, they would overrun France till Paris .
    Today it is an haunting place. Historic people try to reconstruct this huge battle.
    Archeologist recover the bones from the soldier ( both sites) and put them to rest on a military cemetery not so far away. I visited this place a few times , during the summer very often, because very peaceful ( the cemetery gives you an awesome view over the Vosges , because high in the mountain.)
    About this battle or battlefield exists many local legends .

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    Here a few French Flag ideas. Some a great for inspirations, some silly. ( like the croissant )

    We have here in France also a huge tradition of Secret society's . Will list a few interesting ones .

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    Find another great inspirations for Flag on Pinterest

    Zoé begin with the Salamander, but unfortunately her Wacom Tablet die yesterday evening. Now we have to wait till it is back from Service. This Month and March sucks. Her Harddrive blow up last month from her Laptop, My Samsung Galaxy Tablet also and now this Month the Graphic Tablet.

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    Sorry I haven't been around and working on the flag.

    My mom got a blood clot in the brain that got her paralysed in left arm and leg , so I had to take care of a lot of stuff.

    Still stuff to take care of, but nothing that should take up too much time so I can get back to doing art and that Flag


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