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    Thoughts about a new Welsh flag for Dark World?

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    Ok, not happy with the ones I made for France so anyone want to help out with it? Last one I basically just added some text and a few silhouetted images.

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    I like the last one best, specially the addition of ou mort! Dont' know if you've ever read a translation of La Marseillese but it's extremely bloodthirsty. What looks quite nice is if you take the basic second from bottom flag and add the bottom segment of the one above - just the bottom two panels with the fleur de lys,not the shield bit, then it forms a kinda cross with two panels of fleur de lys and the bottom segment with Liberty, guillotine etc. May have to replace the fleur de lys on Lib's left though, not sure what with ?

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    Well, as you know, I do save these as psd's so anyone who would want to have a stab at it only needs to ask and I'll gladly send it along. And as for your suggestions, something more like one of these?

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    Yeah, I was thinking the other way round with the quadrants at the top? But send em to me as before if you like and I'll have a tinker ...

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    You asquare? Lol, if you're around get on Facebook and I'll send it there.

    Ferretmania is working on the UDK one all on her lonesome so I've got at least two people working with me on this including yourself. Impmon tells me she can't even spell apm let alone work on one

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    Still working on it. I'm horrible at this sort of thing lol, but I'm trying and I have to hunt down some clip arts I can use.


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