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    Mindless Ones

    Mindless Ones are elemental creatures formed from living beings pushed to the brink of death within the harsh realms of Frøstsfyre. While their spirits may depart from their bodies, they are replaced by elemental forces of fire and ice so that their bodies retain a semblance of life. These creatures will then gradually transform these bodies until taking on the properties of these elemental energies. At this point, they take on a myriad number of forms and shapes with most becoming more similar than dissimilar to various elemental races.

    Most of them possess humanoid form because they began as humans. Beyond this, they are classified based on how their form manifests regardless if they began as man, or beast. Mindless Ones are not always dangerous as much of their existence, they prefer to sleep. When they do this, they tend to alter their shape to appear more natural. They might take on the form of a boulder. merge with a glacier or dissolve themselves into a molten pool of lava. Others grow to enormous proportions so that an entire mountain might comprise a single elemental being or be torn apart over time so that several elemental beings might be formed from one.

    While they sleep, Mindless Ones may actually dream although how or what they dream can only be speculated about. It has been reasoned that some form of memories from their former lives may survive and manifest in their sleep. What little they are capable of communicating reveals they equate being awake with death because while they are awake, they revert to creatures of instinct either being totally or almost completely mindless. It may be for that reason that these beings will often be enraged when awakened and will go on paths of destruction unless some form of magick is used to calm or control them.

    Possibly the greatest danger represented by the Mindless Ones is that they cannot be killed and will not die. This doesn't mean that they cannot be defeated as their physical forms can be altered or even destroyed. But achieving this may only prove momentary or even make them a greater threat as ice can be turned into water and water into steam so that rather than truly being destroyed, they are only transmuted from one substance into another. Putting them back to sleep is another way to defeat them and it is actually the easiest way to achieve this. But, if they are controlled through magick, only another opposing form of magick can defeat them and only then if they aren't too big or too powerful.

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