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    Dark Op's Case File 002494... The Silencer

    The Silencer is a costumed vigilante and mercenary for hire with special op's training as an assassin. No one knows the identity of the Silencer because he / she is exomorphic and their body is always undergoing change in regard to their physical characteristics. What is known is that the Silencer was raised and trained by an assassin known as the Cobra. She had been given the assignment of training the child by Dark Op's with no information about his / her background and knew nothing about the childs past. What she did know was that the child was endomorphic, a special classification by Dark Op's for anyone with the ability to alter their physical appearance using changeling abilities.

    Until he / she reached puberty, the Cobra didn't know nor care what sex the child was as she had assumed the child was a boy. But, when the child began revealing signs of being a girl, the Cobra paid a bit more attention as her methods of training now had to be altered. But, just as she began to do this, the child seemed to change and again seemed to be a boy forcing the Cobra to learn about the childs anatomy where she discovered that he / she would change from boy to girl and back again. This might have taken her more by surprise if she were not already aware that the childs race and physical features were constantly changing with little ability to control it.

    To make it easier, the Silencer identified with being male and began using the name Kennedy Mackenzie (aka Big Mack or Mack) as a gender neutral identity. The codename Silencer was given to the child because the child possessed the ability to create an aura around their body that absorbed or nullified all sound. This also means that the Silencer may or may not be able to speak as no one has ever heard a word because the childs power also affects their own voice. Instead, the Silence uses sign language and became proficient enough to do it in over a dozen different languages and a special code known only to a few. He would also adopt a moral code not to kill unless it made the world a better place or he were left no other alternative.

    When the child was old enough and proved capable of surviving on their own, Dark Op's began sending him / her on assignments where Dark op's agents provided backup and assisted but were forbidden to directly interfere in the assignments. It was during his transition into adulthood that the Silencer began to realize that no one could keep track of him. Even his fingerprints and dna were ever-changing so that not even a blood test could be used to track him. This would not come without a price as nerve and muscle pain are constant and slight changes in height creates a more intense pain due to changes in bone mass. Thankfully, this pain is shortlived and he is so well adjusted to coping with it that he can better deal with painful injuries when they happen to him.

    Becoming an independent agent operating for Dark Op's only on occasion, the Silencer would remain close to his mentor as the Cobra was the only family he had ever known. Being a mercenary made him a soldier for hire and he would enter the employ of various governments where he recognized a need. It would be this element in his nature which would also lead him to become a costumed vigilante where the chances of being seen were increased. Making himself known to the public in this manner was also a business decision as being a gun for hire meant he might be more of an antihero working for pay, but this was not always the case. The Silencer would take on some jobs in return for a favor owed to him or finding a unique angle to be compensated.

    His moral compass is one in which he might even give the victim or victims family the money earned from the job or arrange some other gain on their behalf. Yet, the Silencer isn't just a hired gun alone as he's been trained in espionage and to be a spy using his unique abilities to his advantage. His mind is also a weapon as he has a analytical way of viewing his surroundings and a superb memory so that not even the smallest detail eludes him. When fighting with or against someone possessing a different skillset, he learns from them until he's as good as they are at what they do. This isn't instantaneous but his ability to use his own skills to counter an adversary until he has learned their skills might make it seem this way.

    When he assumes a female or transgender form, the Silencer uses seduction and sexual charms as part of his skillset. The Cobra taught him to value this like any other skill and how he could equally use such charms as a male when dealing with women. His sexual orientation is bisexual because he's never really identified as either gender or had a preference in regard to a partner. His changing physical appearance means any relationship he has is brief except for a few people like the Cobra who know and accept him for what he is. As a male, he isn't always as attractive as in his transitional and female forms. This is partly due to the use of makeup but also more because his male hormones take over giving him a more rugged appearance.

    Although he seems to be mute, he has mastered the use of body language to convey his thoughts as well as to read the body language of others to perceive what they might be thinking. His use of technology varies as in addition to his weapons, he wears special glasses allowing him to track anyone he has tased. These glasses also use technology to translate what he says visually across them as text and he shares special watches that use the same technology. Using them, he can coordinate with others at a distance while on a mission or communicate with a date having a romantic dinner. However, his analytical abilities allow him to sense if the person he's communicating with has changed even when using a computer.

    While he cannot control his race or gender, the Silencer does seem to have some level of control over the age he appears to be. While unable to appear elderly, he can become more youthful or older with a range of being in his early twenties to later forties. His speed and agility are greater than most other humans. His strength too is greater as are his senses. But all of these are still within human levels, it is how he uses them that sets him apart as well as the fact he doesn't need to do anything to gain these enhanced abilities. In fact, a blood transfusion with the Cobra momentarily gave her his abilities which also cured the cancer that had begun eating away at her body and testing determined that when this wore off, she was also twenty years younger.

    The realization that his blood could cure disease and reverse aging is known to few but is recorded by Dark Op's in their fact file on him making him a target for those who know. Seeing that he also heals from injuries quickly and sweats poisons from his system has led to others saying he is "death-proof". The Silencer views this more as a joke because everything dies, he's just skilled enough to have avoided and escaped it where others failed. However, it is confirmed that he has been shot in the heart and stabbed in the skull where he only suffered short term memory loss and he even recovered those lost memories. It is believed that this occurs because of his bodies ability to change as this isn't limited to his external appearance.

    When not trying to kill, the Silencer uses a dummy bullet which itself does little harm. But, when he fires a gun or throws something, a bit of the aura surrounding him is propelled outward like a microburst. This is capable of rendering someone unconscious as well as momentarily absorbing sound around them when they fall. In fact, he might fight several adversaries without anyone hearing a thing as throwing a punch or kick has the same effect. As an operative of Dark Op's, the Silencer works under the authority of Section 29 and has twice used these abilities to expose rogue agents including the Director of Section 29 himself at one point. Silence may be the golden rule and death the guarantee, but knowing when not to kill and how to make others talk are equally important.

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    The Silencer is one of my antihero concepts which I thought I would reintroduce and see if any of you might try taking a stab at illustrating the character. He is possibly the ultimate assassin turned lethal protector as while he might wear a costume, he doesn't really need to wear a mask as his features are always slowly changing aspects about his race, gender, hair color, eye color and gender. He identifies as a he most of the time only because he can't control these changes and it's confusing to others. The woman who trained him thought he was male through most of his childhood which also contributes to this. For the Silencer, none of this matters as within a month he might change from black to white, from male to female, from a brunette to a blond... and while seemingly mute, he can actually talk but his power makes it so no one can hear his voice. Thus, he is also a hero for people who cannot speak and due to his changing sexual identity, he would be considered bisexual as it is not known if he has any sexual preferences. Another aspect of the character takes place when he is changing gender as he literally becomes transgender or you might consider him more a hermaphrodite. While any changeling character might change gender or race, they are often depicted being able to control this process... the Silencer can only control a slight change in the appearance of his age.

    So, why not give him a try and see if you can illustrate him without any idea of what costume the Silencer might wear if any at all. Share the images on this topic and if I find one that fits the Silencer best, I'll use it to illustrate the story (with your permission) and while my writing skills aren't very good, if you have ideas for improvements,
    let me know


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