The Asis Universe is an alternate reality that formed early within the Multiverse when the laws governing the universe were somewhat different. As this reality was forming, it developed strong connections with the Dark Universe which split and duplicated it so that one side of the universe was a dark reflection of the other. Only a thin veneer separates the two and where something may be inherently good on one side of the universe, their doppelganger on the other side would be inherently evil. There were only five thousand galaxies in the mainstream universe from which it had formed, at the time of its formation, making this universe twice the size of its progenitor for the briefest of time.

Surrounded by barriers in all directions, it would never expand beyond these boundaries even should something new be created when something is destroyed. These barriers would have many weak points through which Travelers might cross between realities with little effort should they be discovered. These Travelers would increase the populations within this universe as even death operates differently here. Living a virtuous life builds up life energies within those living here allowing them to reproduce and to eventually die as their soul moves on into the afterlife.

However, dying in this universe is not so easy as when they reach their prime as adults; the aging process stops! That doesn't mean they are immortal as they can be slain, but their soul reincarnates to begin life anew... to be unburdened by memories of past lives unless the burdens of this life resurrect them! Although immortality may seem to be a gift, the burdens of life build up until life itself becomes unbearable for most. Only by following the path of virtue can they build up enough life energies to separate their souls and transcend into the Realms of Death.

The body and life energies left within it will evolve a new soul that begins life both pure and innocent. But, there is another path of sin and wickedness where the burdens of life deny a true death. Such beings become twisted and tormented into Ǫpyr, vampiric creatures who feed on the living to replenish their own life energies having depleted their own by living unvirtuous lives. These creatures become drawn to serve Darkness, the ethereal swarm representing the forces of evil and decay. They, in turn, would become a blight summoning forth the Primordial god Ešḫar'deywós (the Blood God) and opening doorways that made these gods aware of their existence.

The first to follow after him was Zu'ul, the Star-Dragon and father of Zu... the Betrayer (aka, the Thunderbird). Zu'ul would begin a war against Ešḫar where each claimed dominion over one side of the universe and more than once came to blows directly with one another. At the center of this universe would exist a prize that both these Primordials coveted. It was an alternate reality incarnation of N'vana and a singularity existing within this universe as an anomaly possessing no doppelganger to serve as its twin.

Unlike the prime reality where it was a War of Angels which had destroyed N'vana, in this universe, it would be the War of Ancients that resulted in the formation of an angelic host called the Sauri'el before the planets destruction. From them would diverge the Na'amah whose leader Nehemoth had become a servant of Zu'ul during his wars against Ešḫar and his Ǫpyr hordes. Other Primordials within this universe were Nud (Lord of the Great Abyss), Yibs'tull (The Drowner), Nwg'hi (the Serpent of Negation), Zom (the Unliving), Mot (the Bringer of Death), N'mrtōs (the Undying), Dhéǵhōm'Mā́tr (the Great Mother), Wélṇos (Father Night), Xáusōs (Goddess of the Dawn), Rešheph (the Plague Bringer) and Gingira (the Goddess of Lust).

Serving them would be armies of N'granek, Mot, Eljo, the N'styr, the Kuen, Qliphoth and the Galgalim to name but a few of the slave races ruled by the Primordials. The ways of darkness create sterility where the ways of virtue lead to fruitfulness and to multiply in number even should evil find a way to increase itself. These creatures, however, replicated through infection and were driven as much by the desire to procreate as by their desire to destroy. They were like a plague overrunning this universe until Zu the Betrayer merged his power with that of Saur'Amon, ruler of the Sauri'el, to defeat them.

But, Saur'Amon had paid a heavy price for defeating the Primordials as Zu imprisoned Saur'Amon within a dark celestial sphere at the center of the universe to achieve this. With their masters banished back into the Dark Universe, the Servants of Darkness which survived them would be hunted down by a special breed of Darkstalkers. These were beings whose doppelgangers had experienced true death leaving them free to find a new destiny and who became recruited by the Sauri'el to aid in their war. Those who continued down the path of darkness earning the name Darksiders who would be sought out by the Na'amah or, where they betray the Darkstalkers, would be sought out by renegade Darkstalkers.

By coming into the Asis Universe, they became subject to the laws of physics that exist here. Thus, when any of these "Servants of Darkness" are slain within the Asis Universe, their souls and life energies become split apart. Their souls are immediately condemned to a dark path as this is in their nature. However, their life energies create a new life on the other side of the universe which is inherently pure until lifes burdens might lead it into darkness while allowing their darker half to begin a path of redemption. An interesting aspect about these beings is that they are instinctively drawn to seek out their counterparts to destroy them once they travel down that darker path.

This forces them to develop a means to travel between worlds and most are eventually drawn to "mirror-magick" for this reason. One of these beings was a seeker of forbidden knowledge called Gāthāthuštra who not only learned these secrets, but would physically merge his ancient soul with that of his doppelganger. When the Primordials were cast out of the Asis Universe, they left behind fingerprints that had given rise to cults and religions across the universe. These had become a battlefield for the Sauri'el and the Na'amah which was exploited by Gāthāthuštra as he journeyed from world to world creating the belief system known as the Sitra Ahra (סטרא אחרא) and encompassed within his Books of Darkness!

Gāthāthuštra would teach that survival of the soul to reach the "Other Side" required a journey into darkness to preserve the soul where journeying into the light burned away it's life essence. The Sauri'el became known as beings who feed upon souls entering the Ohr (light) while the Na'amah were portrayed as the true angels leading souls through the darkness to be reincarnated into lives rewarding them for adhering to the faith. The Sitra Ahra would also identify all the Primordials under the common name Ayn'zof so as to confuse those who worshiped them separately and create greater support for Gāthāthuštra.

Even the Na'amah would come to support him as the Prophet (of Nehemoth) because of how he included them in his faith as a force for good and for portraying the Sauri'el as beings who feed upon souls entering the Ohr (light). In opposition to Gāthāthuštra, the universal lifeforce Asiyah brought forth the Ōphānim, the Princes of the Universe who arrive in "fiery flame" and "burning fire". Asiyah would also bring forth the Sephîrôṯh, a transitional state for Sauri'el and the Prophets of the Ohr who bring the Books of Light.

They would teach a faith where Asiyah takes on the form of a Supreme Mother Goddess in the form of Shakti and the faith then evolved into Shaktism. The counterpart of Gāthāthuštra becomes Kālarātri, an Ancient One who adopted the cause of light because she rules over one-fourth of the universe within the Kulamārga embodying destruction of darkness as the undisputed supreme Goddess of the Night! The Qlîphôṯh would emerge as the principle enemies of the Sephîrôṯh and were widely feared as demons from the Dark Universe. As their wars expanded outwards from the center of the universe creating instability and chaos, planets would burn at the coming of darkness and the Primordials would again begin to make their presence felt with a growing plague of destruction.

More Ancient Ones, Dark Gods and Elder Gods began to emerge as an age of such monstrous beings heralded the "Second Coming" of the Primordials swarming in from the Dark Universe seeking to overwhelm this one. Rising to meet the challenge would be a powerful god called Vāyu who had arisen to become among the most powerful of the Sephîrôṯh. He had learned of the sacrifice made by Saur'Amon and created a large diamond into which he merged his own essence willingly and with full knowledge of the consequences where Saur'Amon was not.

His bride Imela ll Iha-nāga would join with him by casting her own essence into a bloodstone at the heart of the diamond which would protect her while enabling her to act as a trigger to unleash their power. Held by a High Priestess prepared for this act of self-sacrifice, the Vāyu Stone would tap into the dark celestial sphere causing its power to once again awaken and banish the Primordials back into the Dark Universe. As for Vāyu, the price of his sacrifice would be to replace

Saur'Amon within the dark sphere and to release a very angry god from an unjust imprisonment! Saur'Amon was not originally among the "Ancient Ones" and had even found himself fighting against them. But now, he had become transformed into a god of darkness by all the evil drawn through the dark celestial sphere which he was made to endure by Zu the Betrayer. When the God-Emperor discovered this universe, he would name the systems parent star Asis after the sun goddess of Kenya because he found it similar to the native name given to the spirit of creation. He would place this universe under the control of the enigmatic entity calling himself the Master who was considered to be the right hand of the God-Emperor himself.

The Master would prove a worthy adversary for all sides in the struggles taking place within this universe as his only loyalties are to the God-Emperor, his queen Iha-nāga and to those loyal to the empire. As the Lord Marshal over this universe, his role is to enforce the God-Emperors rule and to oversee the conquest of this universe on the God-Emperors behalf. To accomplish this, he insulates himself upon the Capital World of the Kingdom Republic; Adamah where he controls everything on behalf of the Dark Empire from his personal kingdom of Eretz Kna'an.

The Master views himself as inferior to no one within this universe. However, he respects the other great powers and offers worship to Asiyah through various rituals in recognition that she ultimately is the very embodiment of this universe. The dark side of the Master creates serious problems in this regard as he is of the Primordials blood and seeks to one day rule over them which does not mean he supports them here as it would conflict with the God-Emperors edicts if he should. The Master is also fascinated by how souls are reborn within this universe after their physical bodies have been slain. He has created special forces called Seekers who search for doppelgangers to learn their secrets as understanding how the process works could allow it to be used for the Dark Empires benefit.

One thing the Master learned quickly was that doppelgangers are not always a reflection of their physical form as the body can be slain while the soul is reborn in another body. An example of this would be an ordinary man on one side of the universe whose doppelganger is a female member of the Sauri'el on the other side of the universe. Those souls which are alien to this universe will be split in half with their life energies surviving to form a new soul while the existing soul is reborn on the other side of the universe as their opposite personality.

Some beings like the Master, however, may be exempt from this as they seem to be true immortals who cannot be slain for this process to affect them. Should these souls be reunited and merged, that soul acquires tremendous power over others until such time as they might be separated again by being slain. Examples of this are the High Priest Gāthāthuštra, Saur'Amon (known for being the opposite color on either side of his body) and Nehemoth who vampirically consumed the lifeforce of his doppelganger.