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    Any of You Planning To Go See Avengers; Infinity War?

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    Of course, I'll watch it. My husband was making counts to see if the debut will be on his day off or not. ahuahuahaua And for our luck, it will.
    So we will be at movie in the first section, on April 26th (debut in our country) ;)

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    Thanos kinda looks like he's a Brazilian

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    KKKKKKK, maybe. For our luck.

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    Well, you might have noticed almost all the heroes and villains are from the US or centered here with few existing outside the US and I can't remember any from South America

    So maybe we need to do more on creating heroes and villains outside the US.

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    Well, I don't remember another one, but the x-men Sunspot is Brazilian ( ;)

    But I agree with you, they could create more heroes and villains from other places on Earth not only US.


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