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    May DAZ Challenge ~ HOT & WET

    Summers coming and Springs in the air. So what better time for a challenge that's a little Hot and Wet? This is an interpretive challenge (we like these) where you get to define the words Hot and Wet in an image. The trick is you may enter multiple times but each image must convey what you feel best defines both words in one image. The obvious here might be hot babes with hot cars... the usual pinup contest. That's a good option since everyone's going to be dressing in less and getting their cars all tuned up to cut loose. But that doesn't mean you'll win with that as the themes wide open and someone entering an image of a deer bouncing through a creek on a hot sunny day might just as easily win.

    Remember, the Sun shining doesn't mean it's hot and ice doesn't mean it's wet. We want you to somehow convey the meaning in your own art. If you use a background with water or something hot in it, that's not necessarily you conveying the theme, it's someone else. So while you may use backgrounds, the props and figures and art itself conveying the thought must actually be your work. That may make this one a bit more difficult. Your own photography as a background would make it your work so make sure to include that information.

    Boiling eggs for lunch actually would count for this challenge as long as we see the water boiling and a source for the heat. So use some imagination if you want. Doesn't mean the image will win but if it qualifies, it qualifies.

    Stripping down to your shorts doesn't make it hot either (some idiots do this in the dead of Winter outside in the snow lol), but sexy is a definition of hot. Vladmir Putin fishing isn't hot. But I'm told Jason Mamoa fishing is hot?

    The reason we like interpretative themes for the DAZ Challenge is that it opens the doors to see who can best capture the substance of an idea. While we won't always do them, it's sometimes fun to just toss out a name and see what you can do with it.

    Remember... anything with fire and water would count and an over the top fantasy image could just as easily win this one.


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    Our Winner is...

    Scotsprincess Summer Pond

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    Thank you. I can sure use it! lol

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    Congrat Scotsprincess, beautifull render !!!

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    Congratz, scottprincess!

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    Congratulation, friend. Cute render!


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