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    What Movies Are You Looking Forward Too

    A lot of great movies still to come... which are you looking forward to most?

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    Not much time to watch movies. Don't even know what movies are coming in the near future.

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    Right now, I'm looking forward to the new Jurrasic Park movie. I know it's probably going to be mediocre as hell, but I just can't help but look forward to a dinosaur movie. lol

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    Well the reviews for the Jurassic World movie are pretty much that as they are apparently repeating a lot of themes from previous movies so that it's like Terminator 1-3 where it looked like they basically reshot the same movie with slight changes. It's a cheap and dirty way to do a sequel and it's a huge reason so many fail. Pretty much they just took the Jurassic Park story off the islands as a volcano is about to blow it sky high. They have evildoers who are trying to steal Indominus Rex dna to merge it with a velociraptor while the bad guys are auctioning off the dino's they are rescuing from the island.

    I would think it should still be a good movie because Steven Spielberg is involved and the effects are fantastic they're saying. But the story is the sticking point.

    So, if you just want to see a great dino movie for the effects and thrills, I think you're going to enjoy this one (just ignore the story lol).


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