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    August DAZ Challenge ~ Sports

    This months challenge is seemingly simple... but it may be a lot harder than you imagine. We all love some sort of sports or athletics even if it's watching horses and greyhounds racing. So, here's your chance to show us what ya can come up with for your favorite teams and athletes to show you have what it takes to stand in the Winners Circle shall we


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    Is there a problem with the gallery? I haven't been able to access it for several days. Can't enter contests this way.

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    Avros is looking into it. We thought it was an issue it may not actually be so I can only ask people to be patient.

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    so I decide to visit and I can't visit the galleries or anything. Seems your site has a a problem Steven. Miss being around here .

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    Avros is trying to figure it out

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    Qualifier: Genesis
    Rendered in Iray
    Signed in PSP X9
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    great pic and POV

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