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    please help if you can

    about 5 years ago mom had a stroke and retired everything was ok until her third stroke which limited her mobility sense then I have been taking care of things for her and also things for my elderly grandma was doing ok until had to turn to credit cards to help pay bills while my goal is 9000 at the moment I would be thankful to achieve 600 or even 100 this week if you can donate but do not like go fund me please consider donating to paypal at

    thank you most kindly for looking

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    Currently, Asia... but it changes fairly frequently... We're a family that loves to travel :)
    gosh i wish i could do more... goodness knows how hard it is to ask for help and facing bills and medical bills are the worst... my own cards are maxed or i'd offer... we are between jobs right now and hoping for the best but i will spread the word. best wishes and hugs!!!

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