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    September DAZ Challenge~ Everyday Life

    This years DAZ Challenge is a tribute to "Everyday Life". artists often like to focus on fantasy and away from themselves because they think everyday life is mundane or boring. But, in an age where most art focuses on fantasy, maybe it's everyday life that's becoming more worthy of art. Kids feeding chickens, a farmer harvesting crops, a homemaker doing laundry or vacuuming the floor, eating a pizza with the family, kids in school classroom, at the workplace... maybe add some humor or fantasy to everyday life as why can't someone's fantasy be the wife cleaning the living room if she's trying to be sexy?


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    Ok, tell me you didn't see this coming

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    I still can't upload any files...even in the new gallery. Will it be alright to post it elsewhere again and insert a link?

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    Ok Tell me you didn't see this one coming either lol

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    Nope... I dinna lol.

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    what are the requirements and where do I upload to .. cant find any info on it..
    thank you

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    Post your images here

    Sorry, we're still working on the bugs with the old galleries and trying to get them back online while our programmers are looking at other options if this can't be fixed.


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