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Thread: Appendicitis

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    Some of you know, I just had a bout of appendicitis that laid me down with a solid gut punch lol. At 51, that lil traitor decides it no longer wished to remain with me and threatened to explode.

    Ok, seriously. I was gone for basically two days having my appendix removed and am sore as hell. The older you are, the more dangerous this can be and here I thought I had food poisoning.

    Take it from me, even if you think you have food poisoning, don't ignore it as that can kill you. the doctors think I may genuinely have had food poisoning and that it caused this as they had to remove a little more than just the appendix but thankfully, just a little more.

    So, since you didn't have to buy me flowers for a rock planted over my head, take a piece of wisdom from me... if you think you're sick or feel pain, go see a doctor ok.

    I'll have to deal with the recovery for weeks and have a lovely plastic bottle hanging out of me collecting some mess I don't even want to know what it is lol.

    Nut seriously, don't be a bear like I usually am as curling up in a cave hibernating until the danger passes isn't always the bright thing to do.

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    Indeed... appendicitis can be very painful.
    Get well soon!

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    Trying my best

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    Sending you my best wishes and I wish you can be recovered soon.

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    Thank you very much


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