Jiǔ Nǚhuáng (玖女皇, Black Jade Empress) is the most powerful of the Tenebrae, a daughter of the Black Dragon Emperor and ruler over the Jiǔ dì guó (玖帝国, Black Jade Empire). Her mother was a sorceress of the Hēi (黑土, Black Land) who possessed the Black Dragon Emperors heart... literally. She was of a bloodline begun by the true Black Dragon Emperor and which had been extremely powerful while he was ruling as Lord Magistrate of Wyvernia. His destruction brought an end to that power. But it flared up from time to time and had done so again on An tSín. When it became known as Jiǔ Zhōu (九州, Nine Regions), Hēitŭ would be claimed by her ancestors and its rulers took the name Hēilóng (黑龍帝, Black Dragon Emperor) to honor him.

When Jiǔ Nǚhuáng's mother decided to become pregnant, she used her sorcery to try resurrecting the true Black Dragon Emperor. While this would fail, she would succeed in using blood from his heart to transform an embryo she had created so that it possessed his seed. Her mother had married well within the Hēitŭ so that when she was born, Jiǔ Nǚhuáng was given the title of Princess. Her original name had been Shījīng Sǐ Mìng (示警死命 To Warn of Doom), the name of a seer to mask the threat she was meant to be. She had been created to bring about the resurrection of the Black Dragon Emperor and, as his daughter, she would dedicate herself to this cause.


When she reached adulthood, she would become involved in an arranged marriage to the Jade Dragon Emperor Hǎixiàng, a hapless ruler known for incompetence and brutality. Theirs was a marriage that quickly devolved into hatred as their personalities were incompatible and she refused to give him a child. Knowing her husband was preparing to remove her, she took advantage of her right to challenge him in a contest for his right to rule. Yù Hǎixiàng had no choice but to accept and chose to fight her himself rather than to use a proxy as he expected to kill and be rid of her by his own hand. He was unaware she was descended from the true Black Dragon Emperor and the powers she possessed because of it so that at the end of the battle, he lay dead at her feet.

Taking the name Jiǔ Nǚhuáng, she sought a merger of the Lǜtŭ and Hēitŭ into the empire of Jiǔ (玖, Black Jade). This was a forbidden union as the lands were separated by walls and fortifications for the purpose of preventing conflicts between the lands. By merging the two empires, civil wars and rebellions sprang up everywhere. One such rebellion occurred in Hēitŭ during which time the black Imperial Egg hatched. The rebel leader Ciarán Cathasaigh would become the new Lord Magistrate as a result and ended Jiǔ Nǚhuáng's rule over Hēitŭ. As Empress of the Jade Dragon Empire, she created eight kingdoms based on the colors of jade (blue, red, black, green, lavender, yellow, orange and white) to more easily control her peoples.


Becoming more of an antagonist, Jiǔ Nǚhuáng allowed others to govern her empire while she sought to increase her power and resurrect the father she had never known. During the Red Dragon Emperors reign as Lord Magistrate, she took full control back in her own name and waged war against him. She then devised a plan by which Jiǔ Nǚhuáng placed her fathers heart within the Imperial House of Xuèlóng. Because he had lain the foundations for it, the Imperial House responded to the hearts presence as it began soaking up power like a sponge. Her fathers spirit would manifest near his heart long enough to use its power and to create a breach within the walls of the Imperial House.

Locating her fathers heart, Jiǔ Nǚhuáng greedily consumed it and became transformed into the Black Dragon Emperor. Not powerful enough to fight a war with the Red Dragon Emperor, he would instead strike at the Imperial House and remove the world which existed within it. Jiǔ Nǚhuáng ceased to exist until her fathers' final incarnation as the Dead King and the creation of the Tenebrae. She would appear upon the walls of his throne room where he summoned her forth granting her new life. The Dead King would then release her to return and refound the Jiǔ Empire providing a greater sense of security against possible betrayal by the Red Dragon Emperor.