The Wailing Stone of ʼAṯirat is a mysterious figure of a woman screaming as if with unimaginable grief and suffering. Surrounding her is a serpentine dragon whose eyes flash with lightning when anyone dares to approach it. Surrounded by three concentric rings of megalithic stone circles, it can be found upon the landmass known as Kur-Gal at the furthest reaches of Wyvernia. It gains its name from the dragon god Kur, god of the underworld and the Tenth Level of Purgatory. Kur-Gal is a dark, low lying land surrounded by evil and to which few would travel if they wish to survive. But, there is much to be gained in seeking the Wailing Stone of ʼAṯirat as it is the source for all knowledge about the history of Wyvernia and most of the beings dwelling within it.

The Priestess Cult of ʼAṯirat safeguards the Wailing Stone and the knowledge it has to offer them. The feminine forces emanating from the "Goddess" makes them a matriarchal society to which she has bestowed knowledge of her own origins because they dared to ask. She had originally been the host form for the Mother Goddess Asherah, the lifeforce of a planet called N'vana, the first in a series of worlds which eventually would eventually lead to the formation of Earth. When N'vana was destroyed, Asherah abandoned her host form leaving it to share her worlds fate not knowing that eons of inhabiting it provided the shell a life all its own. When Wyvernia came into being, ʼAṯirat would be a part of it cursed by the agonies of her planets death and screaming as if for all eternity.


When the Dark One discovered the stone figure, he could sense the unformed life within it. Having borne witness to many things that bewildered even him, the Dark One decided to move on and let events run their course without him. For all he knew, this was a supernatural form of pregnancy or that it would become a manifestation of this worlds lifeforce. The Dark One had sensed Asherahs' presence about ʼAṯirat and something about it would evolve to bond with Wyvernia's life energies. It would be from this that ʼAṯirat gained knowledge of all things within this world but it would never evolve beyond this. Neither would it be simple to acquire this knowledge as it required knowledge to know what questions to ask and that was often just as difficult to know.

Priestesses within the Cult of ʼAṯirat became skilled at how to ask questions and even then they often did not gain the knowledge they sought after. Only over the course of time would such knowledge be gathered and then passed on to others in the cult. The High Priestess of the cult was the one who possessed the greatest knowledge and the greatest power for this reason. They would also tend to be among the oldest members of the Cult of ʼAṯirat and when they die, all their accumulated knowledge emerges from them in the form of a spirit orb. This spirit orb would then pass to her successor by being directly absorbed through the skull and into their brain. The High Priestess would claim to be the Avatar of the Goddess for this reason


From ʼAṯirat, they learned Wyvernia was a new incarnation, and re-creation, of a world called N'vana. While they would not fully comprehend this knowledge, the cult did understand that it meant Wyvernia was reborn from a far more ancient world that had been destroyed. They also learned that N'vana was known as the Abode of Dragons and that the most ancient dragons on Wyvernia had their origins there. The Grandmaster of Wyvernia and the Lord Magistrate of the Imperial House are the only two males who would regularly approach ʼAṯirat. She would respond to them more directly and they would treat her with respect more as an equal even should she not provide the answers they sought after.

Within each of the concentric circles that surround her, there exists a powerful dragon lying dormant in energy form waiting to be summoned to defend the Wailing Stone. The first two of these horned vipers were multi-headed Hydras'. The outermost of these is Bašmu, a dragon with wings and forelegs with the longest body of the three. Mušmaḫḫū is the middle dragon with venom instead of blood and who gives birth to smaller versions of itself. The third and most powerful of the three horned vipers is Ušumgallu who rises up above the Wailing Stone with none able to penetrate his armor to reach it. Encircling the landmass itself is Tunannu and if it isn't enough of a threat, Tehom can be summoned from the deep seas beneath Kur-Gal.