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    What Are Your Favorite Dragon Movies, Games, Artists...

    Dragons are an essential part of fantasy throughout the ages and today, we see them more than at any time throughout history. With modern technology and artistic talents, dragons can be made to look absolutely real and are part of some of todays favorite fantasy topics. In fact, if you create a fantasy series that has anything to do with history and mythology that doesn't include a dragon... then who are you?

    So here's the question... what are your favorite dragons from art and entertainment?

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    Keith Parkinson & Larry Elmore immediately come to mind as classic dragon styles. I have long forgotten whatever might have been my favorite pieces of dragon artwork from many years ago as sadly I didn't get whatever it was, all I have left are vague memories. This reminds me, I really need to make more use of the Millennium Dragon, which is still my favorite of the DS/Poser ones I'm familiar with.


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