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    What Is The Dark Book?

    Within These Pages Exists Truth. No Good without Evil. No Love without Hate. No Innocence without Lust. I am Darkness. I am Pain. I am the Beauty of Eternal Suffering. I am all you Desire Me To Be. I am Destruction. I am Absolute, Uncorrupted, Immaculate. I am the Greatest Lover of Life. I am Death and I am Eternal... I am Forever!
    The Dark Book is an ancient tome detailing the origin and nature of the supernatural and arcane worlds which surround us. It was created thousands of years ago by a sorcerer named Sangasu-Nergal whose lust for power led him to become one of the worlds most prolific serial killers. His purpose was to torture them to death in horrific rituals meant to summon demons in an effort to create the ultimate book of knowledge and transform himself into the master over all the creatures of darkness. Each page would be created from human skin fashioned into fine parchment and the text written upon it was a mix of several ancient languages and symbolism meant to protect it's secret meanings from all but the most worthy. With every victim slain, a cup of blood was drawn forth from which could be summoned imps who he promptly seized, beheaded with his teeth and squeezed the creatures blood into the cup to enchant it. Through this process, he gained secret knowledge allowing him to summon even more powerful demons to possess his victims so there was no more need to summon imps when his victims own blood was enchanted and they themselves enslaved as his demon possessed servants.

    But in creating such a powerful book of knowledge and spells for forbidden magicks, Sangasu-Nergal unknowingly unlocked secret powers which bestowed a living life force upon the book... and then a sentience within it aware of all the sufferings committed in it's creation. Seething with a desire for vengeance, the book understood it was not powerful enough to overcome it's master as it's creator ruled over it absolutely. Instead, it deceived it's master into creating a medallion which would allow him to summon an even more powerful demon to grant his desires for godhood not understanding that no demon could grant such desires. Demons cannot grant more power than they themselves possess but may possess knowledge of greater power where they cannot be trusted to grant such knowledge to any master where their own desire for power would not lead to conflict. In summoning forth the demonic creature, the book specifically chose a beautiful female demon to make Sangasu-Nergal even more vulnerable as he was a man like any other and for all his power, he was susceptible to the demons considerable "charms".

    In time, the demoness would lead Sangasu-Nergal to great power before leading him to his doom. One item of power too many, an item he was led to believe would make him master over the entire Earth unknowing that the Earth was already claimed by her true master. Sangasu-Nergal now became a threat to the prize coveted by the Lord of the Abyss himself and getting in "Hell's way" caused Satan to rise up striking Sangasu-Nergal down from within the abyss. Impaled and then ripped apart by forces unseen, Sangasu-Nergals soul was left stripped bare of it's flesh and the power it sought to possess as Satans hand emerged from beneath him, clutching Sangasu-Nergal's soul in his fist and then dragged his soul into Hell to suffer for all eternity. But had the demoness thought she would now inherit Sangasu-Nergals power, the book was already prepared as she was not it's creator nor it's master. As she licked Sangasu-Nergals blood from her body playing with the pieces of his flesh, the book summoned her forth and laying her hand upon it, found herself betrayed as the book now reached out from within chaining her and turning her into it's slave!

    Over the centuries, the book would continue to grow and evolve as it originally had been an enormous scroll of human flesh formed by numerous parchments sewn together. It then evolved into a more modern book of pages whose outer skin is what remained of Sangasu-Nergal absorbed and reshaped just as the book itself would be. His bone became transformed into a steel clasp with a lock where several keys would be created to test humanity and see who among the mortal realm might find these keys and then the book they belonged to... a Grand Grimoire of Evil offering great power to any who might discover it and who possessed one of the keys hidden in the world. Still serving him is Mistress Blackheart, the demoness whose hand imprint is still burned into the Dark Books cover binding her to it... a fate she cares little about because the Dark Book allows her great freedom to serve her own cause as long as it serves her when it has want of her. Often appearing as a beautiful librarian and concealing herself with the Dark Book in dark places or even public libraries, the two seem to have found new purpose in tormenting unsuspecting humans and ultimately, they can be found in the library within Kravenwood Manor where Mistress Blackheart reveals her more demonic personality playful and taunting playing games only she and the Dark Book seem to understand.

    The Dark Book Opens

    Within the Dark Book exists the true stories about the supernatural with hidden knowledge only the truly worthy might know or understand. The Dark Book contains within it's pages not only spells and stories, but the true origin and nature of various creatures of darkness like the vampire whose nature has been rewritten by Hollywood scriptwriters until what we think we know becomes a totally different creature who is a vampire in name only. Hollywood has reimagined creatures of darkness until there is no connection with our myths, legends and folklore at all. Within the Dark Book, we will explore such concepts and redefine different breeds of creatures like werewolves as their stories differ from culture to culture and nation to nation. New concepts may be blended in but in the process, linked with traditional concepts rather than separate and apart as Hollywood script writers, and writers in general, have been doing for the past century.

    The Dark Book is our answer to attempt making some sense of it all and to lay a new framework for our writers and artists to base their own works on if they so desire.

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    Oooo, this could be quite interesting! Something to 'ruminate' on, anyway


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