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    I ordered the Werewolf Book version so I have both or will have when it arrives. Ebay is a good way to get these books cheap. Will also need something for fairies and so forth in order to do more research as I'm working a bit on Mythrium right now.

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    Xortdan is an Arab word for vampire. Could be useful in creating a group or race.

  3. #73 Ölmemiş apparently means ghoul but also means any undead thing like a vampire

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    where did I post the two egyptian pics I put up? I'm only looking for them really so that I can replace them as I bet they now have the photobucket500 image on them, holding us to ranson, so I'll pop them up on tinypics or something instead as replacements

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    I dunno, repost them lol.

    I still have to replace a lot of images I used Photobucket for. But then, I finally adopted a writing style I like a bit better so might need to redo them anyway.


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