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    Thought she was off fighting in the Middle East dropping MOAB bombs ;)

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    Naw... I just got caught up in issues that resulted from the RDNA/DAZ merger... It's taken me a year to get the fall-out from that mess sorted out (my beta-tester was directly affected by the merger and the problems caused there-by and in turn my production schedule was deeply affected as well). I've been tied up trying to get my product releases back on schedule as well as trying to deal with a few fairly major problems in my personal life as well...

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    I've also added a new pose expansion set to go with the free Gymnastics Uniform and Prop Set for Kristin. The new pose set includes 10 Gymnastics Poses, 10 Cheer-Leader Poses, a Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon, Baton, and a set of morphing Cheer-Leader Pom-Poms. The Ribbon, Baton, and Pom-Poms are set up to be usable with any figure but were textured to match the Gymnastics Uniform for Kristin. Templates are included so that you can make custom textures of your own!

    The Gymnastics Set is here...

    and the Pose Expansion is here...

    Click image for larger version

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    I've updated my Cheledonian Koba-Deer free figure to include bump maps and a separate mat pose to apply them as needed.

    I've also added a new free set of basic Koba Action Poses to the Stables area of the Armouries. The new pose set provides 12 free pose presets for various basic actions for the Koba-Deer.

    Poses include;
    Foraging (in Trees)
    Foraging (from the Ground)
    Rearing (2 different positions)
    Running (2 poses mirrored)

    The free Cheledonian Koba-Deer can be found here...

    The new pose set can be found here...

    Click image for larger version

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