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Thread: Who is iamboo?

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    Who is iamboo?

    iamboo – aka Liz
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    I was born in Manhattan, NYC, NY, in May of 19nn. At the age of three, we relocated to Chicago, Illinois for my father’s work. Mom was already used to moving because my dad had retired from the Special Forces just a few years before he started his second career in another government agency. On occasion we relocated to other cities around the country but Chicago will always be home.

    I have often been told I have and "old soul" because of my music likes. I have a great appreciation for music from the late 60's through the 80's.

    For What it's Worth, Buffalo Springfield, 1967

    In My Life, The Beatles, 1965

    Everybody's Got a Story, Amanda Marshall, 2001

    Last Exit to Eden, Amanda Marshall, 1994

    Stealers Wheel, Stuck in the Middle With You, 1972

    Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit/Somebody to Love, 1967 Gracie Slick has one of the greatest whiskey voices.

    John Lennon, Imagine, Released October 8, 1971 the day before his 31st birthday.

    I come from a family of over achievers. Not to be outdone, I set my mind to becoming the youngest in our family to get a doctorate. My older sister has her JD, and my older brother has his PhD in criminology.

    I joined the 3D art community in late 2007 thanks to a former intimate friend. We met during our college days when she came to the University of Illinois to get her Master’s Degree in 1999. From the time we met, we decided to be roommates. In 2001 she went off to follow her chosen career path while on went on to pursue my PhD.

    In 2004, degree in hand I was fortunate enough to find a teaching position in the northeast at a good university. Early 3005 I joined a social community called Multiply. I met many wonderful friends there including a woman that reminded me very much of my college roommate. In 2007 when this woman’s talent and obsession with Poser drove me need to get the program and try my best to be as good as she was. Imagine my surprise when I was asked to become and admin at the former Imagine how much more I was surprised when this artist friend told me she was the same woman I lived with for three years during college.

    Like many beginning Poser artists, I struggled with the program for some time. I still find it difficult to locate the exact item I need to fill a particular purpose. This is the render I always considered my best. I know college friend was pleased with the way I captured her.

    “The One”

    Beyond Poser I consider myself to be a pretty decent writer of erotica and an excellent poet. As time goes on I hope you take the opportunity to read one or both of the styles I’ve posted at this site.

    My favorite car will always be the 1967 Pontiac GTO I was given by my father. 7.5 liter 400 cubic inch 435 horsepower. Combined with my lead right foot made for some great rides. If I only had hung onto it.
    Don't be shy, introduce yourself. I'm sure we will get along just fine.
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    Stop the world I need to get off.

  2. #2 know we know more about you. Let's hope you don't try and profile us from our artworks. Mine will only tell you how pathological i am. Glad to know you more and pleased to have you here.

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    I wondered how i got sentenced here?

    I posed on Sultry's site for my sins.

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    There were many great artists on Sultry's site. We also had some great writers. I contacted as many of them as I could to make their way here but, not everyone was easily convinced.

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    Tis why you beat them with a meathook


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