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Held_for_Ransom44 viewsPrisoners of value are held for ransomIamBoo
31 Days of Hell Day 347 views"Hello, Death, my old friend...."
A lot of people throughout the ages have used the shorter, darker days of fall/winter to contemplate their own mortality and their awareness of death as it comes to us all, eventually.
Cave Rider41 viewsFinally had some time to render. Another go at Dazstudio.Rebelgraphx
A Little Help41 viewsQualifier: G8F
Rendered in Iray
Signed in PSP 2019
Happy Krampus Christmas52 viewsA Christmas Fantasy for Krampus...Or maybe it's not a fantasy. Who knows what lurks in the night.Ferretmania
Humpty Breaks28 viewsthanks for looking.myquad
The Dark Elven37 viewsaqua1955
Elves Gone Wild52 viewsJust had a ball creating this one, took a while and I was beginning to think I wouldn't get an entry done. But here it is. Elves partying before all the work is done with Santa looking on exasperated. WhatADoll

Last additions
The Beckoning 1566 viewsFirst in a series I'm doing based on the old Penny Dreadful books from 18th century England.steeleyesDec 18, 2019
AMAZON 1582 viewsCornered, the last of her Tribe, she would never give in
OK I know it's too late for the comp, but just wanted to do it anyway!
lornagracevibertSep 02, 2019
AMAZ61 viewslornagracevibertSep 02, 2019
girl and pug55 viewshaving recently acquired a rescue pug, they love you so much they can't get close enough ... and would be more than willing to wear a hat if they could only be next to you!lornagracevibertJul 31, 2019
Invasion of the Sluggians62 viewsAmy was a bit nonplussed. Having heard some strange noises in the cargo deck she'd gone down to investigate ... and found these. Were they dangerous? She didn't know and was trapped with no coms and more creatures appearing out of nowhere ....lornagracevibertJul 31, 2019
Buzz Kill58 viewsThanks for looking!inonitJul 30, 2019
Jake was never heard from again56 viewsdarknewtJul 24, 2019
A Flat and no Signal53 viewsdarknewtJul 24, 2019