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Random files
Elf Uber22 viewsthanks for looking.myquad
Scream in the Darkness46 viewsThanks for looking...deiaof
Merry Christmas18 viewsHere's one I prepared earlier ... Due to a close family bereavement earlier this year I've gone away to Thailand for Christmas to join my daughter on her travels...but I didn't want to not wish you all the compliments of the season and blessings on your houses...so here's one I made earlier and brought with me on the iPad...merry Christmas to you all lornagracevibert
The Paladin and the Necromancer16 viewsThanks for visiting!reserv888
Day at the Beach14 viewswell, after a day at the beach, as the sun goes down. Inspired by recent trip to New Zealand ....lornagracevibert
white dragon39 viewswoo first photo in new gallery testingimpmon
Renegade18 viewsHe stalks in shadow lands, soundless, with gun in hand
Striking like a reptile, so fierce
No chance to get away, no time for your last prayer
When the prowler sneaks up from behind

An outlaw chasing outlaws, the hunter takes his pray
The law of the jungle he obeys
Craving for the danger to even out the scores
Face to face, once and for all

Renegade, renegade
Committed the ultimate sin
Renegade, renegade
This time the prowler will win
Renegade by Hammerfall
Surrealist Rainbow18 viewsBryce ArtMagikUnicorn

Last additions
girl and pug5 viewshaving recently acquired a rescue pug, they love you so much they can't get close enough ... and would be more than willing to wear a hat if they could only be next to you!lornagracevibertJul 31, 2019
Invasion of the Sluggians11 viewsAmy was a bit nonplussed. Having heard some strange noises in the cargo deck she'd gone down to investigate ... and found these. Were they dangerous? She didn't know and was trapped with no coms and more creatures appearing out of nowhere ....lornagracevibertJul 31, 2019
Buzz Kill9 viewsThanks for looking!inonitJul 30, 2019
Jake was never heard from again5 viewsdarknewtJul 24, 2019
A Flat and no Signal4 viewsdarknewtJul 24, 2019
little did they know there was a bug problem5 viewsdarknewtJul 24, 2019
Under attack12 viewsA strange spaceship is suddenly visible and shows to be violent. Over and over the canon do their works. aqua1955Jul 15, 2019
Invasion12 viewsJoFCUKJul 11, 2019