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The Dark Side of Fantasy...


Started by Armorbeast, July 29, 2019, 03:40:05 am

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Giants are some of the most powerful of adversaries and allies. They come in all shapes and sizes using their size and strength to their advantage. But their size can also be a liability as the bigger they are, the more they need to eat. For comparison, a huntsman can live for a week feeding his family with a deer but might not be able to survive a day feeding himself with a rabbit. Because of their size, the bigger they are the fewer there are. There simply isn't enough food in most places to support large populations of giants who tend to be carnivorous because eating a fatted calf provides far more energy than a field of grass.

Some appear no different than humans and some actually are humans, just bigger. Others can appear as misshapen freaks as different from one another as to anything else. Most giants are only two to three times the size of a normal human (or less) while others can be enormous or positively gigantic. The term giant is subjective as while most are at best two to three sizes larger than a normal human (or less), they can become positively enormous. Elementals tend to be the largest of all giants and can be equated in size as an ant would be to the colossal thumb of a human child.


Size is limited by the amount of food available for giants to eat or unrestrained based on the supernatural powers which enlarge them. This is why elementals tend to be the largest of giants as they physically merge with the elements and draw their power from the environments and energies which surround them. Some giants are created by sorcery either from their own efforts or that of others. Some can be shapeshifters or can alter their size at will. These tend to be among the most dangerous of all giants as proven by the god Loki who not only can change his size and shape, but fathered monstrous offspring more beast than god or man.

Changing size is necessary for many reasons as if there isn't enough food for them as a giant, being smaller helps. But the biggest reason is mating because most giants are male due to testosterone somehow being essential to growing beyond a certain height much as most faeries tend to be smaller due to the effects of estrogen. The typical depiction of giants as lumbering, half-naked troglodytes comes from the fact that resources are often limited and their education is often extremely poor. Size also makes them slower as the effects of gravity are hard to overcome and can also make them bulkier to compensate.


It might be more apt to compare the average giant to the relationship between a human adult and a human child with the adult being bigger, stronger and faster but maybe not so nimble as the child. But even those who are slower and bulkier can be deceptively fast like an elephant or rhinoceros running 25 to 40 mph meaning they can actually be faster than a human for limited periods. Some have a reputation for cannibalism when the simple reality is they eat anything made of meat and will use their teeth like weapons on smaller creatures. Giants tend to wear heavier protection on their feet and lower extremities which are more vulnerable to smaller beings.

The World of Elderon is a world of gigantic proportions where giants rule. The humans of this world have difficulties because there are different levels and types of giants on this world and many humans carry the dna of giants in their veins explaining why some among them are much bigger and stronger. Because this world has food to support them, giants exist in much greater numbers allowing them to live in communities and cities built by them. This world has much in common with the Norse realm of Jötunheimr in this regard but only in regard to the fact that the Jötnar come in different sizes getting larger as they age.


As diverse as they can be, one race of giant stands apart because every possible variation of giant exists within one species... the Hrīmþurs (frost giants) and they can be the most destructive of all because they may generally exist apart from other races of Frost Giants, but they recognize one another as kindred and will work together more than any species of giant. There are Frost Dragons among the HrÄ«mþurs because they mixed their seed in the ancient past using the ability to shapeshift. Trolls and Ogres are often considered to be giants but not everything that is big would be a giant and some Trolls are actually very tiny.