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Tellūs is a world of darkness and light, of angels and demons where they do not need wings for flight nor do they possess horns upon their heads... then again, they might! It is a world of contrasts once ruled by demons before the angels emerged from among them. Then came the Fae, the Elves and the Orcs... the witches and the wyrms. Humans arrived only much later growing slowly in their numbers enduring much hardship and subjugation. The first of these would be the Phoenician Empire as these humans arrived with skills in seamanship and trade allowing them to reach the farthest regions of this world. With less opposition, colonization and conquest became possible allowing humanity to spread out across this world.


Tellūs is a name given to this world by the dominant superpower known as Nova Roma. Each of the thirteen Worlds of Shadow has a theme which dominates that world. In the case of Tellūs, this theme centers strongly on the history, archaeology and mythology of Italy and it's surrounding realm of influence. The Latins, the Etruscans, Carthage / Phoenicians, Greeks and various barbarian tribes are examples because they actually all came into Italy. The Egyptians would not be part of their story on Tellūs because they never invaded Italy. The central theme is the Roman Empire but it is a different empire than the one we know as there was no Caesar here.

The rulers of Nova Roma went by the name Maximus Aurelius and the Roman Empire would remain pagan. To the Romans of Tellūs, the World of Man was a mythological place called Terra) from which they believed their ancestors came from. It is a world better known for war and Roman influences changing it to something they were more familiar with. Thus, Half-Orcs became known as Vandals and Orcs became Huns while Fae became Manes and Elves became Lares. Myths and legends handed down to them from those born on the World of Man now seemingly came to life before their very eyes as they spread further across this world.

Your Challenge ~

This months contest is a world building challenge. The World of Tellūs is a world heavily influenced by Italian history, archaeology and mythology. It is also a world of Fae, Orcs, Elves, Demons and Angels almost all of which have interbred with humans to some degree creating halfbreed races.

Mythrium refers to the worlds archaic name, a name used where there is no common agreement for what to call it. Mythriums Light refers to an ancient power hidden within this world believed to have created the angels from demons... but which is also said to have created the demons in the first place.

To Simplify ~

Just do images with Romans, Orcs, Elves and Fae... we are building a world here so you're going to need something simple to start with. Everything else is just to help you understand what this world is about.

We don't want to overcomplicate as where's the fun in that?


IMPORTANT: ALL Prize lists MUST be in within TWO days after the contest is over. please remember to include prizes in order that you might like them along with links to the items you want unless its a gift card item, email address and usernames and for software/shippable items please include real names and home address thank you

1) First and foremost, we want everyone to enter. If you do not wish a prize but want to participate in the spirit of showcasing your talent, we will be creating a list of those members who will officially receive a DSA No Prize. We've had trouble in the past where members enter who actually do not want to win. These members don't want to take anything away from members who are participating to win prizes and we've had issues in the past where we tried to accommodate these members but not every judge understood or read comments by the artist not to choose their image. When the official contest topic is posted, we would like any member who only wants to participate in the spirit of competition to contact us and we will officially add them to the No Prize list.

2) Your images must follow the theme to the best of your ability. But how you do this is up to your individual creativity and imagination. So ask if you have questions about the theme.

3) There is a post limit of one image a day... no reworks as all images must be original for this contest. Try adding different races and different cultures... explore the variety that makes up who and what we are.

[4) Images cannot be posted anywhere else for five days and must include links to this contest or statements that it is for this contest.
A) Images posted late will be excluded from judging

5) Artistic nudity is allowed but our rules on child nudity apply. No child nudity is allowed. This is defined as genitals and nip's so cover them up or risk violating our rules. A good alternative would be anime.

6) The contest is open to any medium that you wish to use. You can enter with Computer generated images, hand drawn, painted, or any other type of medium you can think of. Make note of the prizes being offered as only rarely might they not be 3d oriented.

7) We consider it trolling if criticism about content is made when images are within the rules.

Unless otherwise specified, make sure to add an alternate prize selection should you want a bundle or partnered item. Some of our sponsors allow this, some do not and some may on certain items of which we have no way of knowing.

9) Consider adding some written text to explain your illustrations to help others better understand your image and leave comments on the entries of fellow contestants to show your appreciation.

10) Make sure to check and see if the prize you have won is a coupon or a gift certificate. If it clearly says it is a coupon, do not apply it as a gift certificate at the sponsors site or vice versa.

11) The theme should focus on images inspired by what you consider to be Legend or myth

12) Include the following information ~

A) Username (for DSA and sponsors site)
B) Email Address
C) Real Name & Physical Mailing Address (for software and physical prizes)

13) Beginning June 1st, 2015; At the end of the month contests will be judged within 7 business days. Winners will be contacted but are also expected to check back in to avoid oversights barring unforeseen circumstances.

Again, please click the link at the top of the rules list to view the page set aside for this specific rule and discussion.

14) Winners will provide a list including each sponsor in order that they would like to have the prizes. We will then choose what prizes you win on a first come, first serve basis. Our First Place winner will receive the first item on their list which will be removed from all other winners lists. Our Second Place winner will be given the first item remaining on their list and so forth. When each winner has been awarded a prize, we will begin again with the First Place winner until all prizes are awarded.

A) Our normal monthly contests will have 5 winners. Our larger contests will have up to 31 winners. We will alert members should this change at any time or if the sponsors have alerted us to award items to runners up.

B) You may provide a list to us at any time during the month. Providing the list does not guarantee a prize. Items given to runners up, if any, will come from these lists or be donated by prize winners.

If you do not provide the items you would like where you have won a "choice" of items from the sponsor, on the list you provide to us, you will have 5 business days after notification to contact us. It is unfair that, in cases where a sponsor provides a prize to multiple winners, that winners who reply quickly must wait of winners who reply late.

16) Remember, if you have any questions, please ask them in the contest topic so that staff or fellow members can explain and help you to understand rules or themes in our competition


One $30 gift certificate from Renderosity

Prize: One Item of Choice From Sabby at Renderosity

Prize: three items of choice from Mortem Vetus rendo ONLY

$50.00 Gift Certificate From Forender
$25.00 Gift Certificate From Forender
$12.00 Gift Certificate From Forender
$12.00 Gift Certificate From Forender
$12.00 Gift Certificate From Forender
(New Rule ~ Forender Wants To Spread Things Around A Bit More. So If You Have Won From Them Recently, Please Choose A Participant That You Would Like To Donate This Prize Too)

One Item of Choice From HinkyPunk

One Item of Choice From Mercenary Studios

One Item of Choice From AngellsGraphics

DSA Lycan DreamslayerVisions

One Item of Choice From Avros

One Item of Choice From Spookielilone(NO DAZ ORIGINALS)

One Item of Choice From Jepe
(No bundles or partnered items)

One Item of Choice From Hongyu from Renderosity or DAZ3D
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One Item of Choice From Prae(no items partnered with Rpublishing)

One Item of Choice From Darwins Mishap

One Item of Choice From Sveva NO PARTNERED ITEMS


As always, we are extremely grateful to all our sponsors and this month we welcome Sabby on board to join the fun.


A heartfelt thanks to all of the sponsors. Creating a whole new world where there are so many possibilities is totally awesome!!


We have our winners :)

1 impmon Caladrius

2 JoFcuk Mythrium

3 malv Zenobia

4. RainbowGypsy-The Rcords of Tellūs

5 aqua1955: The feeding of beauty

Thanks to everyone who entered. We will be doing more world-building exercises in the future and I hope you will participate.


Got an update so Margy won't die. Caught Jenn working overtime at Rosity and she's going to try to get the Rosity prizes out tomorrow.