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The Dark Side of Fantasy...


Started by Armorbeast, August 29, 2019, 11:49:35 pm

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The Chupacabra falls into the category of being a multi-beast. It begins life as a cute weasel-like creature with a taste for blood. It begins losing the hair on its head early because it developed a habit of eating it's prey from the inside out using the animals carcass as a makeshift home while it does it. It's not that the Chupacabra only drinks blood, it's that it quickly ingests blood due to it's fluid nature and departs allowing its kill to rot somewhat before returning to finish the job as it's a carrion eater. The creature gradually loses its hair and evolves into a more hideous form which continues as it evolves gradually into a dog-like creature. It then continues to evolve into a much more powerful build which is more menacing.

A young Chupacabra will also feed on smaller creatures that are easier to kill, but they have appetites greater than their size so that they'll kill multiple smaller animals or one larger one. Because of their different forms and sizes, it often looks like two creatures trying to kill one another when they mate but they have no taste for one another and won't kill one another without reason. When they are born, it's as a small weasel-like creature once again and while often smaller than a more mature parent by quite some bit, they only birth a few at a time and are mature enough to survive from the moment of their birth. Chupacabras are natural creatures possessing chameleon-like abilities to blend into their environment but their development process has them from weasel to monkey-like, then dog and something far worse.