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Portland Breakers (Maine)

Started by Armorbeast, November 02, 2019, 01:43:51 am

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Portland Breakers

The team destined to become the Portland Breakers has its origins as the McKeesport Olympics in 1896. Playing in Pennsylvania meant playing their games on Saturdays due to the states blue laws preventing them from playing on Sundays. Playing many of the top teams in the nation at this time, including many future NFL clubs, their results would often be mixed but they won most of their games at home when they found teams willing to play on Saturday. The Olympics survived into the late 1930's being purchased by the Reading Company in 1937 and merged with their existing Independent team called the Reading Keys.

The Team would remain the McKeesport Olympics until 1940 when they were renamed the Reading Railrunners (fic, aka the Railmen) and joined the USA-AFL. The franchise began to grow now that it had stronger financial backing but the UA-AFL had four teams in Pennsylvania at the time. The smallest of the four were the Reading Railrunners and it was decided that they would adopt Portland, Maine as a sister city. Being the smallest team, it was reasoned that they had the best chances to survive in a smaller market when that market was ready for them.

Part of this building process was the establishment of the Portland Sea Hawks in 1960 which played first in the New England Semi-Pro Football League and then in the ACFL often to sold out crowds. The team was purchased by wealthy businessman Harold Alfond who renamed them the Ragin' Rhinos (fic) in 1970. In 1973, Alfond purchased a stake in the Reading Railrunners and the USA-AFL approved relocating them to Maine hoping to bring them into the WFL. But the teams stadium options were not satisfactory and the Rhino's continued to play as an Independent.

The ill-fated United States Football League created a team that played in three separate cities representing each year of the leagues existence. The Boston Breakers was founded by Boston businessmen George J Matthews and Randy Vataha who could not get a stadium deal much better than what the Rhino's had to offer. The team was then sold to Joseph C. Canizaro who relocated the team to New Orleans to play in the Superdome. At the end of the 1984 season, Canizaro moved his team to Portland, Oregon to play at the Civic Stadium before folding the team after its second consecutive losing season.

The USA-AFL purchased the assets of the Breakers and relocated them to be merged with the Rhinos. They would play in the new Joshua L. Chamberlain Memorial Stadium (fic) gaining support from the Portland Metropolitan Area. They would retain the Breakers name and team colors but they kept the Rhinos logo believing it to be a powerful motivator envisioning the powerful beast trampling over their opponents. The team was then purchased by L.L.Bean in 1995 when assurances were provided to them that the USA-AFL would suppliment the teams operation costs with the leagues profit sharing program for teams in weaker markets.

Team Colors

Home Colors: Azure Blue, Royal Blue, Silver, White
Away Colors:
Neutral Colors:

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Cheerleading Squad

The Heartbreakers

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Team Nicknames

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Booster Club

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Legacy Teams

McKeesport Olympics Independent 1896-1940
Reading Keys Independent 1934-1937

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Development Leagues

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