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The Dark Side of Fantasy...


Started by Armorbeast, September 29, 2019, 07:20:42 pm

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By now you've probably noticed something happened. Well, Avros has been on top of it since becoming aware and also upgraded the software to the latest version on my orders. Well... oooops lol. Seems a lot of things weren't compatible with the latest upgrade.We're getting things back up (well, Avros is) and hopefully things will be back to abnormal as soon as possible.

Avros is still working on things so if you run across any bugs, please report them as we can't always find them on our end until we accidentally run across them.



email thread replies not working yet for me.


I just noticed that. I see a lot of posts made that I didn't reply to because I didn't know they were made. I'll have to ask Avros as I would prefer we didn't have to click to receive emails and notifications on every post we respond to... stop watching yes but not to start.


I cannot see any posts in the Darker Realms area of DSA with the exception of a folder named "New Board". I understand there is a lot more available in Darker Realms that I apparently have no authority to access. That's the error message I get.  Help please.