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Goddess... Fire Blackens The Purest Heart

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At the dawn of humanity in Europe, a dark-skinned people wandered northward where they discovered an older, more primitive species of humans that was nearing extinction. From them came the first golden-haired children whose skin was lighter than the rest and who adapted faster to the cold as they intermixed with the more dominant species. Then came a child whose hair was like the Sun but was as white as driven snow blowing in the wind. Favored by the gods, this "Golden One" possessed the ability to dwell among the spirits bringing fire from heaven and warm rains for fertility in lands both cold and dark.

Walking between two worlds allowed her to commune with the spirits but she would otherwise seem mute like the swans associated with her to the living world. Her voice would be the whistling winds or warming fire, the whisper in one's ear when nobody's there. When some of her peoples wandered across the ice pursuing seals, they would become lost and found themselves in a new land across the waters. As the ice melted and sea levels began to rise due to the disastrous consequences of climate change, these mysterious peoples were forced to migrate inland as their lands were reclaimed by the seas.


As they traveled west, they encountered a different peoples with which they became merged and fade into legend. A constant threat to these peoples were the Manitous, beings who ruled within the Spirit World and sought escape to reclaim the world their own evil had taken them from. Such is the way of memory that the Golden One became forgotten in the Old World even as she would be remembered by different names in the New. When those who remembered her were threatened, she would return to protect and to provide for them what she could although her life would be as finite as any living man.

On occasion, other light-skinned peoples would arrive from across the waters reminding them that their legends of white men from the east were true. The Golden One would be reincarnated from among these 9th-century newcomers at a time when the demonic Manitou called Mahtan'tu threatened and a teenaged girl stood alone before him. She would return with her father to the Old World so that he might die in battle on his native soil rather than dying a feeble old man in his bed. Given the name Thyrvi Wælreow (meaning thunder fighter, fierce in slaughter), her descendants would remember her as the Dróttningvǫlur of Kvenland (Witch Queen of Kvenland).


Her descendants intermarried into the native Gent (well-born) and foreign-born Frisian Alkema family taking the name Ghent. This new blended bloodline became known for alchemy, warfare, intrigue, and witchcraft making them feared more than respected. Strangely enough, their rise to prominence would be brought down in the 15th century by a  pair of notorious serial killers named Gaudin de Sainte-Croix and Marie-Madeleine Anne Dreux d'Aubray, Marquise de Brinvilliers. The two killed dozens, if not hundreds, of people through poisoning and exposed a satanic cult of murderous witches known as le Cercle de la Flamme d'Argent (the Circle of the Silver Flame).

The Valais Witch Trials in Savoy (now part of France) began a series of purges in the 15th century that culminated in one of the biggest witch hunts in 17th century Paris, France (Île-de-France to be precise). A woman named Merci d'Aubray had married into the Ghentry family during this time who traced her paternal lineage back to the Dáirine (founded by the ancestor god Dáire Doimthech) who were known for excessive cruelty. Merci had become High Priestess of le Cercle de la Flamme and converted their worship to the demon Baphomet taking no issue with involving her own children in the satanic cult.


Only a son, named Aodhà n (fiery) and a daughter named Adaig (aka night) survived because they were unblemished and, to her way of thinking, such sacrifices were necessary to keep the demons attention upon them. Her children were made to watch when she was burned at the stake, hers was just another sacrifice to be made and they were to be next. This would not be their fate as their Aunt Ealasaid d'Aubray used her influence to help them escape aboard a frigate called the Aventurier to America. The boy was given the name Jonathan and his sister became known as Aine with Ealasaid taking the name Elizabeth Ghentry to act as their guardian.

Settling among the Moswetuset peoples (from which the Massachusetts colony derived its name) in a community called Widows Township, Jonathan would become the family's young patriarch protecting and providing for his family. His first job was as a logger but he had been trained in Old World craftsmanship which was in high demand in nearby  Salem Town and Ipswich where importing such works was expensive. These were yet dangerous times because Massachusetts and Connecticut were still known for witch hunts as the Burning Times were not yet over. Aine had been raised to become a necromancer, a Keeper of the Dead and a witch in her own right.


Widows Township gained its name from the number of widows living there because their husbands had died in battle or from the harsh lives they were forced to live. These were women easily exploited and where if the Devil offered salvation... they were willing to accept it. Aine refounded le Cercle de la Flamme d'Argent because of this and with Widows Township bewitched, Jonathan created his own estate further away wanting nothing to do with it. Jonathan had purchased a number of indentures taking one of them as his wife. Lucy Killsin Barbon was a childless widow eager for a large family and grateful to be free of her Puritan upbringing.

When word of the witch hunts in Salem reached him, Jonathan developed closer relations with the local Nipamaug tribe feeling safer among them than with "civilized people". Their firstborn was a daughter named Mélissane and she would be followed by seven siblings of which only one was a boy. When Lucy became pregnant with their eighth child, Aine foretold that this seventh daughter would be a special child requiring protection from demons who would seek to claim her. To achieve this, Aine placed a series of markings on Lucy's body to protect her and these then passed from mother to daughter when the child was born.


Jonathan gave the child a Christian name calling her Abigaïl (My fathers' joy) but their Nipamaug midwife called her Koon'kookookhau (Snow Owl) in reference to her blinding white hair. Abigaïl would grow into a free-spirited child from the moment she could walk and, as she grew, it was not uncommon for her to run about naked or leap into a nearby creek for fun. But it was the rain she loved most. To feel cool showers upon her on a hot Summers day and dancing about as if the very winds lifted her from the ground beneath her feet. Some would see her abilities as a blessing, but Jonathan understood this to be a curse as others might think her a witch.

Although Abigail was mute, her family would learn that Abigail could see and communicate with the spirit world surrounding her. She could speak with her spirit voice sometimes being heard by physically touching people and animals. When her father needed rain for their crops, it came. When devastating storms threatened, they were made still as if responding to Abigaïls wishes. Aine would marry a man named William Dusk who would commission Jonathan to make a grand table to celebrate. William Dusk had become wealthy by trapping, logging, mining, farming and slavery which gave him power over life and death in Widows Township.


Dusk was also a tradesman and a man claiming religious faith making him a danger to Jonathan's family for several reasons. He understood that religion could grant him power over people that money couldn't buy while trading whiskey to the Natives allowed him to stir up conflicts with settlers. Conflict led to the settlers taking Native lands and then Dusk would take it from the settlers in turn. But Dusk was not a particularly observant man as he was also exploiting the fear of witches to steal land and here he was having married one. Perhaps Aine had bewitched him for his wealth or perhaps, he was just an ignorant fool who was good for making money... but he was still a threat.

One of these Natives was a warrior who became known as Shkakwkiwsuwakà n (drunken skunk) because he disgraced himself trading his own mother for a few bottles of cheap whiskey. Drunken Skunk knew of the Ghentrys and chose a day when Jonathan was away to raid their home killing a manservant who was trying to protect Lucy. Upon Jonathan's return, he found his servants weeping and discovered that his wife was dead having been scalped and violated. Giving pursuit to his wife's' murderer, Jonathan found himself among the Nipamaug whose chief ordered warriors to join him when Drunken Skunks wife tossed Lucy's scalp at his feet.

Art: Shibashake
Son: Pure Hatred ~ Chimaira



The woman's name was Weetanusk (meaning fortitude and strength of character in the face of adversity) and her husband had come to her because Lucy had shot him and put up a ferocious struggle for her life. Nipamuag warriors were dispatched to track Shkakwkiwsuwakàn and returned with him to face punishment. Shkakwkiwsuwakàn would be tied between two long poles, lowered over a roaring fire, gutted and forced to smell his insides cooking in the flames as he burned to death. As was their way, Weetanusk then claimed Jonathan for her new husband and the two would be wed in a Nipamaug ceremony.

Returning home with his new wife in tow, only Abigail welcomed Weetanusk into the family home because her mother's spirit told her about the woman even before her father returned home with her. Jonathan was aware that it was William Dusk who provided whiskey to Drunken Skunk and possibly was behind his violence thinking Aine would inherit her nephew's holdings should he be killed by Natives. Word was sent about what had transpired and that Jonathan had completed the table for Dusk planning to lure him to his retribution. Coming to take ownership of the ornate table, Dusk came across Abigaïl at her favorite swimming spot where she went to escape the spirits.


Although a bit uneasy, Abigaïl emerged from the water allowing William to provide his cloak to cover her body and to dry herself. She was yet an innocent and unaware of Dusks lustful desires seeing him only as a man of religious faith... as someone, she was told she could trust. Witnessing storm clouds appear out of nowhere on the horizon, Jonathan told Weetanusk to get everyone to safety in the cellar while he set out to find Abigail. Fearing the way this storm had arisen and, understanding the powers Abigail might command, Jonathan worried that some harm had befallen his precious daughter.

As he neared the epicenter of the tempest, he witnessed several bolts of lightning striking repeatedly and an ungodly scream pierced his ears. He would find Abigail staring almost blindly past him as he gripped her firmly in his arms noticing the charred bodies of William Dusk's coachman... and that of William Dusk himself just beyond that still clinging to life. Arriving at Widows Township with Abigaïl in in his possession, Jonathan dumped Dusk on the ground and called for Aine to examine his daughter. Seeing a trickle of blood flow down the girl's leg and hearing what Jonathan had to say, she took Abigail to examine what she knew her husband had done.


Days would pass before Dusk regained consciousness to find himself unable to move from the neck down and leaving him bedridden. Enraged by this, he summoned a man named Jebadiah Cross, a witch hunter by trade traveling with his own militia and priests bringing "Gods Holy Wrath" down upon the unclean. Calling himself the Grand Inquisitor, Cross seemed to possess a sixth sense for the supernatural and he could sense it at work in Widow's Township. Aine would escape with most of her coven before Cross set about his work... then set his sights on the estate of Jonathan Ghentry.

Sending word to his Nipamug allies, Jonathan found himself in battle against the militia of Jebadiah Cross... a battle he would lose before his allies could arrive to aid him. Demanding the witch-girl be turned over to him, Abigail revealed herself hoping her family would be set free and became bound by dark magicks that prevented her from using her powers. Cross then teased her that it was a shame she did not remember him as they began the journey back to Widow's Township where he ordered them held in the stables. It was then that he approached Abigail with an offer that, in exchange for her immortal soul, he would release her family.


Abigaïl was too young and confused to understand what was happening but her family in the stables nearby knew evil was afoot. Cross only smiled at the girl and ran his hand through her hair hearing her family yell to her not to accept. "So be it" he exclaimed before leaving her presence. Over the coming days, one member of her family after another were brought before Abigail where they would be tortured to the point of death. When he was done with them, he called for his tongue tearer to rip out their tongues so that their voices couldn't be heard if they wished to continue telling her not to accept his offer.

Then it was Abigail's turn and Cross promised her he would have her soul before he was done with her. He was unaware that the things he made Abigail endure were building the powers within her. The spirits were again speaking to her telling Abigail that his promises were lies and that Jebadiah Cross was a demon dressed in human flesh. Cross was more concerned with vengeance against Abigail than serving his new master because the Golden One had almost destroyed him in a previous lifetime. Mahtan'tu had been rescued from this fate by the Collector of Lost Souls and his own soul now belonged to this being for which he sought to acquire Abigail's soul.


Exhausting himself and seeing his efforts fail, his anger grew to a point where he no longer cared what his master wanted. Because she refused to speak when he knew she possessed a voice, he broke her teeth and tore out her tongue only to have her blood spit in his face as she remained defiant. Grabbing her by the hair, he would drag her outside to a pyre from which emanated a horrid stench. Within the timber were the mangled bodies of her family along with other victims of his terror whose dead eyes stared out at her as he dragged her up the pile of wood. Cross could now feel the rage within the girl and knew it was time for him to finish this before she finished him!

As she was lashed to the whipping post, Cross sermonized to the gathered crowd growing uneasy as storm clouds began gathering in the skies above him. Tossing a lit torch into the pyre, Cross departed because he knew what was coming next and that his master would be displeased with his disobedience. Glaring out at the gathering crowd, pure hatred filled Abigail's heart as they were like dogs gathered to feast upon a fallen doe. The smell of burning flesh beneath her assaulted her senses and as the flames began to blister her skin, lightning  came crashing down upon Abigaïl causing the pyre beneath her to explode as she rose into the darkened skies.


Now it was the townspeople's turn to know fear and to scatter seeking sanctuary as Abigaïl now rained hell down upon them from the heavens. Begging God for forgiveness, the people of Widows Township would find no response save for the hurricane-force winds and torrential rains falling down upon them. They would be drowned in their cellars, flung through the air like leaves in the wind, struck by lightning and burned by fire. When the storm finally subsided by the following morn, not a soul remained living within Widows Township which would be no more. With the town obliterated around her, Abigaïl found a child's toy belonging to one of the children killed by her rage.

She herself had been a child when this all began... but Abigaïl was a child no longer! Abigail could not sense Jebadiah Cross, but she did sense another there was a score left to settle with. William Dusk lay in the ruins of his home outside of town where his servants had abandoned him. When he saw Abigail, she was now a woman he did not recognize and envisioned her to be an angel come to save him and to heal his broken body. She would lift him into the skies as he continued to praise God with thankfulness before she dropped him into a cesspool of dead pigs and watched as the black muck sucked him down while still pleading for salvation.


Abigail came to view herself as a layered shell surrounded by her past lives and awakening to discover what she really was on the inside. She would abandon this world for the Spirit World where she began a new life learning more about herself while fighting against the dangers hidden within this unseen dimension between the "Realms of Life" and the "Realms of Death". She was Unholy, a being who could not truly die and who held powers both of the flesh and of the spirit making her more of both and less of either. It would be there that Abigaïl matured into a true sorceress capable of walking between the two worlds.

Within the Spirit World, Abigail became known as Wampi Pauwau (White Sorceress or White Witch) in her battles against the forces of darkness threatening all the realms. Chief among these would be the Manitou's, the very spirits who had always been her hated enemies. While inheriting much knowledge from being the Golden One, Abigail would learn much more from the spirits of the dead and from entities unknown and unknowing of Earth. But, she had not lost contact with the Earth as she kept an eye on the world of her birth if only to seek out Jebadiah Cross still thirsting to avenge herself upon the killer of her family.


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When she finally sensed the presence of Jebadiah Cross back on Earth, Abigail returned to join with a group of Unholy who called themselves the Unforgiven to wage war not only against Cross, but against the Collector of Lost Souls as well. She would discover that Cross had been punished by his master for his failure to collect her soul and for pursuing his own personal agenda instead. His desire for vengeance was all-consuming and it would take the full fury of the heavens brought down upon him to seemingly end his vile existence before turning her attention to the Collector.

She then appeared in the skies over Boston, Massachusetts where she made an unexpected spectacle of herself enjoying her first cooling rain in centuries. When she next set her feet upon the ground, she seemed oblivious to the spectacle she was creating until a child asked her for her name and she turned to face him revealing she was as naked as the day she was born. Stating she was the Goddess of the Storms through her astral form, she noticed the shocked look on his face. Walking into a nearby clothing store, she charmed a young gentleman into buying her what she wanted by tickling his chin, then departed seeking out the other Unforgiven she now found herself a part of.


As Abigail sought to find her place in the modern world, she encountered one of the Unforgiven's allies while seeking a serial killer whose latest victim came to her attention. He was called Deathwish and he had taken the form of the victim in order to exact vengeance on her behalf. With the serial killer meeting his end, Abigail saw to it that the woman's body was buried in a family plot and assumed her identity because the two bore a striking resemblance to one another. Linnette Hawkings had been a professional psychologist and paranormal researcher whose spirit remained to help Abigail adjust to living in the modern world.

Linnette had owned a condo in the Boston area at the Old Charlesgate Hotel where Abigail would take up residence having discovered a doorway into a pocket dimension within it that had drawn Linnette to the location. Establishing a sense of normalcy, Abigail became obsessed with modern sports and heavy metal music describing it as the wailing of burning witches. Her knowledge of ancient and primitive cultures is quite extensive leading to her ghostwriting articles and books through others under nom de plume's with Annette Bennings often chosen to write on her behalf.


Where Abigail gains her wealth isn't as much of a mystery as it would seem because spirits lead her to it just as they help her solve crimes or deal with unresolved issues these spirits might have from when they were living. Her private life can, at times, be more exciting and adventurous than her role in the Unforgiven because of her involvement in paranormal research and criminology. She would find the admiration given to her as a member of the Unforgiven amusing even when she found herself the object of men's magazines because she has no aversion to nudity.

Taking the name Goddess from the statement given upon her arrival in Boston naming herself as "Goddess of the Storms", Abigail would reveal a bit of vanity as she is aware of her beauty. Yet, for all that beauty, Abigail never smiles and never laughs in her physical form. She is a woman filled with rage and hate that has existed within her unabated since the death of her family so long ago. This is not necessarily the case in her astral form as she has been known to be gentler and to smile when summoning this from within herself. Goddess is not afraid to kill but tries to restrain herself in the modern world even expressing regret when left no other choice but to take lives.


Real Name: Abigail Ghentry
Public Identity: Linnette Hawkings

Date of Birth: May 3rd 1692  // Place of Birth: Widows Township, Massachusetts
Legal Status: Vigilante
Occupation: Paranormal Pyschologist, Psychiatrist
Marital Status: Single
Citizenship Status: United States of America

Race / Ethnicity: Caucasian // Gender: Female,
Hair: Black // Eyes: Blue // Height: 5ft 11in // Body Type: Slim / Muscular

Group Affiliation: The Unforgiven
Classification: Antihero // Supernatural Classification: Banshee, Wraith,
Elemental, Sorceress

Known Relatives: Parents: Jonathan Ghentry (father), Lucy Killsin Barbon Ghentry (mother),
Weetanusk Ghentry (adopted mother)
Siblings: Mélissane
Children ~ None

Known Aliases: Thyrvi Wælreow, Storm Goddess, Wind Witch, The Golden One 
Known Superhuman Powers: Strength Level: Average, Endurance: Class 7,
Shapeshifting: Level 3, Sorcery: Level 6, Elemental: Level 8

Other Abilities:


The Golden One is an identity which was applied to Abigail for much of her existence. The identity was the result of her hair which almost seemed to glow like the Sun and was made known to the world by spirits which communicated with those capable of hearing them. When not upon the Earth, her spirit resided in the Spirit World which is why she would return there when she became self-aware that she was Unholy. There were battles yet to be fought there which were as important to the Earth's survival as any other and the dangers there could often be even greater than any in the physical world.



Learning that she was Unholy meant that the cycle of death and rebirth of her physical form came to an end. She would now be truly immortal as she was literally immune to death even if her physical form might still be harmed, imprisoned or even destroyed. Unlike other Unholy, however, Goddess can reform herself if destroyed by merging with the elements that are under her command. Choosing to battle alongside the Unforgiven provided Goddess a means to continue her war against the forces of evil. Chief among these for her are the Manitou, horrific man-like creatures more like mandrill's in appearance with savage teeth and a hunger for flesh... all flesh including humans!

Another enemy she's taken a personal interest in is Armageddon, a member of the Unholy with certain powers and a past with similarities to her own life story. Her romance with Deathwish sometimes takes her away from the Unforgiven just as it sometimes brings him to their aid. Goddess can sense where he is and what form he has taken because of their coupling from within her hidden sanctuary. Her teammates within the Unforgiven have aided in further training her to hone and control her powers which are more elemental in nature than supernatural in the physical realm and the reverse is equally true in the Spirit World.



Goddess possesses the ability to freely walk between the physical world and the spirit dimensions which surround it. She communicates with the living by telepathy and by manifesting an astral form which can speak in a ghostly, haunting whisper which only those she wants to hear her can hear. Goddess can empathically communicate with animals, read lips, use sign language and learned many languages while in the Spirit World most of which are dead and forgotten. But it's her ability to speak with the spirits for which she is best known and her ability to touch them using her powers and to use her powers of sorcery against such beings should they be a threat.

Goddess has been classified as both a wraith (better known as a revenant) and a Bean-sidhe (banshee), spectral forms that allow her to "whisper" in an ear causing temporary deafness, bleeding and migraine headaches if she desires. It is for this reason that she is also known as the Wind Witch as she can assume a physical or non-corporal form (like a ghost) often preferring something more in-between. This name comes from her powers to control the element of wind for which she is best known because she can create gale-force winds and her hair can extend or flow much further than its actual length as it merges with the wind.


By becoming non-corporeal, Goddess can pass through anything without doing harm in the physical realm. She cannot actually create storms as her elemental powers only allow her to manipulate weather either magnifying or nullifying its effects. This ability is strongest where elemental conditions already exist such as snowfall, rains, hail, wildfires... all of which she can "whip up" with her powers to control wind into devastating forces of nature. While she doesn't create lightning, she can channel electricity from the environment surrounding her and amplify it. Goddess likes to jam to heavy metal music from guitars whose amps she powers with her control over electricity.



Like all of the Unholy, Goddess possesses spirit beasts which can emerge from her body and obey her commands. The first of these is a white fox that can change its color and transform further to become a ferret. This beast has the ability to transform into a doll with no other powers than the ability to return to Goddess but leave a physical manifestation of the doll behind for others to enjoy. The second of these is a white owl with razored talons that grants her brilliant night vision and can transform into her glasses because she thinks they define her personality and she feels more attractive or domineering wearing them.

The third beast is a tentacled monstrosity fit more for the oceans in the physical world but which are common in the Spirit World. This beast can transform into a heavy metal combination Superstrat, a Jackson King V and a PRS Dragon allowing her to jam anytime she wants. This is not a power that most Unholy possess as only some can manifest as physical objects worn or used by their master. The three beasts exist as white tattoo-like images on her back when not manifested in the physical or non-corporeal forms. As with others who have more than one spirit beast, Goddess can merge hers into a much more powerful creature born out of nightmares.



Formed by Linnette Hawkings to further her research into the paranormal, POSIS is a group of people from various backgrounds dedicated to furthering exploration in the supernatural. Unlike many such groups, Linnette did not care about claiming results as most who did this were no different than 19th century charlatan's involved in Spiritualism. For Linnette, it was as important to debunk such claims as it was to confirm anything she found that might prove the supernatural. They earned a reputation for integrity often discovering hidden dangers like radon gas, white noise and other causes of physical discomforts mistaken for the paranormal.

Anyone found faking results would be dismissed from her group and several members were involved with law enforcement aiding them in solving crimes. When Linnette came too close to learning the identity of a serial killer operating in the Boston area, he responded by making her his next victim. A year would pass before Abigail assumed Linnette's identity pretending she survived the attack with injuries to her face and throat that required plastic surgery and left her mute. Goddess secretly began enhancing the abilities of those in the group and uses her team to aid her in all her interests where the paranormal is concerned.



Linnette had owned a condo in the Boston area at the Old Charlesgate Hotel where she had been drawn to seek out spirits trapped by forces she tried to understand. When she was killed by a serial killer and replaced by Abigail Ghentry who assumed her identity, a doorway to a hidden pocket dimension created a century before by occultists. Most of these occultists paid for their foolishness with their lives during the chaos unleashing powerful threats which one of the surviving occultists devoted her life to defeating.

Lorna Dane Andrews would be discovered trapped within a healing stone after Goddess discovered her hidden sanctuary and made it her own. When she was released, Lorna would be forever changed as she would be merged with the demon Acaunissa (stone) and became known as Spiritfire. The pocket dimension itself is part of the Spirit World and can only be accessed by those who know it's there, as otherwise, it appears like any ordinary condominium. Goddess would transform this pocket dimension into her Sanctum Sanctorum so named in defiance of the Unholy where she would practice her magicks and contain threats to both the physical and spirit realms.



The saga of Agnarr Ofvægr (the Invincible) is a story lost to the ages which details one of Abigails past lives. Agnarr Ofvægr was a 9th century Viking warrior known for his ferocity in battle and his even greater ferocity when in a drunken state of mind. As a result, he went on a murderous rampage killing many innocents in a berserker inspired rage. Rather than killing him, Agnarr pulled together six ships manned by outcasts and adventurers hellbent on discovering new lands spoken of by seafarers in legends. He was a man who survived many personal misfortunes only to overcome them all... and now he would seek to overcome an ocean!

It was said of Agnarr that he was half a man because so many parts had been hacked from him over the years that he was now more wood and metal than flesh and blood. The journey would be difficult but most survived to reach what would one day be known as Delaware Bay where relations with the native skræling populations were initially good. Although his wife was with him, she was barren so that he chose a skræling wife who gave birth to a golden-haired child he named Thyrvi (named after the thunder god Thor). An elderly Lenape spirit-talker learned that this child was the latest reincarnation of the Golden One and that great danger would soon be upon them all.


Reaching adulthood, Thyrvi would battle a Manitou called Mahtan'tu, a demon far greater in power than others of his kind and who possessed her father to do battle with her. Their battles left many dead and his atrocities cursed the very lands he ruled over until Thyrvi ultimately defeated him. What survived of her father was now an old man too disabled to contribute anything to his people and who now longed for death to claim him. He would convince his daughter to return him to the lands of his father where they settled in Kvenland (Queenland) among the Wæl where she was given the name Thyrvi Wælreow (meaning thunder fighter, fierce in slaughter).

While named for a goddess worshiped by the Wæl, Thyrvi proved to have an adventurous soul leading men into battle against the Svea until her elderly father finally fell bravely in battle with an ax in his hand. With his place in Valhalla now assured, Thyrvi married a Prince of the Svea to bring peace to their warring peoples and had a son named for her father. Her legend would survive among a select few as the Dróttningvǫlur of Kvenland (Witch Queen of Kvenland) with members of her bloodline arriving in France during the Norman Conquests of the 10th century.



Annette Bennings father had been a valet to a wealthy family that outgrew the desire for personal attendants making him the last in a centuries-long lineage of manservants. Annette had been raised to follow in his footsteps being given the nickname of Abigail, the classic equivalent name for a female manservant that would prove ironic later in her life. With no future left to her in her father's profession, Annette joined the military elites special forces before discovering how to combine this with her father's training in personal security.

Choosing the name Korat after a favorite breed of cat she associated with guns because of its color, she successfully served many wealthy clients before making a critical error in character. The daughter of a man she was protecting set him up for assassination and when Korat defeated her hired guns, she pulled a gun herself shooting both her father and Korat in the head. Being bisexual, she was in a relationship with Linnette Hawkings which is where she came to the attention of Goddess. Traveling to the hospital where Annette was hospitalized in a coma, Goddess used her powers to merge a critically injured cat she found in a pouring rain to revive her.


By touching Annette, Goddess could allow her to see and communicate with the spirit of Linnette leading to arrangements being made where Annette agreed to enter Abigail's service. But first, there was some personal payback for the death of her former employer and her own near-death experience feeling a debt to him for not sensing his daughter's betrayal. Serving as Abigail's valet, chef, finance manager, and personal security was a role Annette was born to play. As her personal attendant, she would even speak for Abigail and basically do anything Abigail asked of her. 

Korat is skilled in several forms of martial arts and is an expert marksman with most firearms. She is a trained pilot, a skilled technician, a computer programmer, an expert driver, a navy seal and began learning to deal with supernatural threats after entering the employ of Abigail Ghentry. By merging her with the cat, Goddess transformed Korat into a Familiar allowing her to become a cat more to disguise her presence and to do recon than for anything more. When she does this, Korat is able to transform her costume and weapons with her because of a beatiful sapphire medallion she wears around her neck which Goddess gifted to her.