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Kansas City Tornadoes

Started by Armorbeast, November 01, 2019, 08:58:15 pm

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Kansas City Tornadoes

The Kansas City Tornadoes began as a team called the Orange Athletic Club (Orange, NJ) in 1887. They won the American Football Union Championship in 1893 and against teams in the first National Football League in 1902 (but they weren't part of the league itself). That same year, they played in the World Series of Football and again in 1903. From 1919 thru 1928, the team called itself the Orange AC Golden Tornadoes before it was sold to the USA-AFL to gain capital needed to buy the Duluth Eskimos and join the second NFL. This team was owned by an ownership group headed by Edwin Simandl and lasted only two seasons before folding in 1930.

The Golden AC Tornadoes were relocated to Houston, Texas where a new ownership group took over the newly renamed Texas Tornadoes (fic). They played the 1929 season with a skeleton crew from the original franchise who built a new team using local talent. In 1934, the team merged with the Houston Grand Prize Brewers and came under new ownership of Gulf Brewing Company and non other than billionaire playboy Howard Hughes. When Charles E. Lieberman took over the company in 1948, he decided to liquidate the Tornadoes and sold them to the Kansas City Cowboys.

The Kansas City Cowboys franchise began as an NFL expansion team called the Kansas City Blues in 1924. The team was owned by Maurice R. Smith, Joe Brecklein and Cameron K. Reid in partnership with head coach LeRoy Andrews and several star players such as Steve Owen and Joe Guyon. When this team played against the NY Giants, New York fans came out in droves to see the Cowboys in their cowboy attire. This was an era when America was still fascinated with Western cowboys leading the Giants ownership to hire away LeRoy Andrews and several key Cowboys players.

Their team in ruins, Smith gave his players to Cleveland with the understanding he could have his team back any time he wanted. Instead, the NFL sold his team to the Cleveland Bulldogs and an angry Maurice R. Smith recreated his team in the USA-AFL with co-owner George E. Muehlebach, owner of the George Muehlebach Brewing Company. The 1934 AFL fielded a team in St. Louis called the Blues who relocated to Kansas City mid-season. This team was awarded the leagues one and only championship as the Kansas City Blues before moving back to St. Louis the following season, playing four games and folding.

The Cowboys purchased the AFL Kansas City Blues that same year and continued under George Muehlebach Brewing Company ownership until majority ownership was purchased by the Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS) in 1948. The team then became the Kansas City Tornadoes after merging with the Texas franchise and majority ownership passed to the Coleman Company by 1958. Merging with the Wichita Razorbacks (fic) in 1965 led to their distinctive logo of a tornado with an enormous razorback within it and majority ownership next passed to Kansas Gas and Electric (KG&E) in 1978 which then became Westar Energy


Team Colors

Home Colors:
Away Colors:
Neutral Colors:

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Cheerleading Squad

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Team Nicknames

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Booster Club

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Legacy Teams

Orange Tornadoes 1923
Orange A.A. 1924, 1925,
Orange Golden Tornadoes 1918 - 1928
Orange A.C. Tornadoes 1931

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Development Leagues

Newark Tornadoes

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Kansas City 66'ers

Taking their name from the famous U.S. Route 66, the 66'ers were originally known as the Kansas City Twisters as companions to the Kansas City Tornadoes. They then became the Kansas City Massacre, a name they retain to this day as a nickname with their cheerleading squad being known as the Tommy Guns.

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