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Boston Celts

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Boston Celts

Boston Massachusetts is the birthplace of American Rules Football, the distinctly American version of Mob Rules Football from which both Rugby and Association Football also evolved. Nicknamed "the Boston Game, the beginnings of pro football start with the Oneida Football Club formed in 1861 by a man named Gerrit Smith "Gat" Miller that put this game on the map. The "Boston Boys" would play their games at Boston Common until 1865 when the team dissolved and reformed as an independent team called the BC Riders (aka Midnight Riders) in honor of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.

The BC Riders were sponsored by the Boston Beer Company and officially became owned by Lawrence J. Logan when they joined the USA-AFL in 1915. Their primary rivals, at this time, would be the North End Athletic Club and when they folded in 1922, their assets were purchased to be joined with the BC Riders. The traveling NFL's Cincinnati Celts football team were absorbed in 1924 becoming the Boston Celts and gaining the nickname of being the "Fighting Irishmen". They would weather the arrival of two different Boston Bulldogs franchises and the arrival of the Boston Redskins in 1932 by relocating to nearby Cambridge.

Then, the second incarnation of the American Football League formed in 1936 bringing the Boston Shamrocks to town and proved so popular that they forced the Redskins to relocate to Washington DC. In 1944, the next challenge arrived in the form of an NFL expansion team called the Boston Yanks. The Boston Brawlers were an independent team that began play in 1931 as the Boston Fittons and grew more powerful by absorbing teams like the Quincy Trojans, the New Bedford Murphys and the New Bedford Whalers. They purchased the Brawlers in 1947 gaining the nickname Boston brawlers in the process.

The Yanks lasted until 1948 and the Celts purchased them for a dollar gaining their team colors and becoming the most penalized team in the USA-AFL. New England Confectionery Company (Necco) bought the team in 1957 when the BBC went out of business and began playing exhibition games in Dublin, Ireland leading into the 1961 season. They proved instrumental in helping the WFF build the Gaelic Football League of Ireland. In 1962, the Atlantic Coast Football League introduced the Boston Sweepers to town and attendance again declined for the Celts as the Sweepers won two ACFL championships in 1964 and 1965.

Their success wouldn't last, however, as the team folded in 1966 and the Celts purchased their assets to restore lost fan support. The next incarnation of the American Football League came together in 1959 and fielded a losing franchise called the Boston Patriots who later became the New England Patriots before relocating 23 miles away in Foxborough Massachusetts. They then absorbed the New England Colonials of the Seaboard Football League in 1974 which folded quickly and their assets were purchased by the Celts. Weathering threats from the World Football League and the United States Football League, the Celts began building from within and turned majority ownership over to the city in 1997.

Team Colors

Home Colors: Kelly Green, Gold, Yellow, White with Black & Blue Highlights


Cheerleading Squad

Team Nicknames

The Boston Brawlers

Booster Club


Pottsville Maroons 1924 Anthracite League Champions 1924
Boston Shamrocks 1936 AFL champions
Boston Sweepers 1964, 1965 ACFL Champions


Legacy Teams

Oneida Football Club 1861 - 1865
BC Riders* (Former OFC) 1866 - 1924
North End AC 1915 - 1922
Cincinnati Celts 1910 - 1924
Boston Celts 1924 - Present
Boston Bulldogs 1926
Boston Bulldogs 1929 (1920 - 1928 Pottsville Maroons)
Boston Fittons 1931 - 1937
Quincy Trojans 1931 - 1932
New Bedford Murphys 1935
Boston Shamrocks  Played 1936 - 1937 AFL 1938 Independent
New Bedford Whalers 1938 - 1947
Boston Bears 1940
Churchill Pros 1940 - 1941
Holyoke Golden Bears  1942
Springfield Steam Roller  1942 (2nd Providence Steam Roller 1934 -1941)
Worcester Panthers 1942
Boston Yanks 1944 - 1948 (the Celts would retain the Yanks team colors)
Boston Sweepers 1962 - 1966
Boston Colonials Seaboard Football League (1974)

Development League

New England Football Association

Massachusetts Division

Boston Bulldogs
Boston Shamrocks
New Bedford Whalers
Worcester Panthers
Fall River Lions
Springfield Steamrollers
Quincy Trojans
Lynn Jets
Newton Steamers
Warwich Hunters
Dorcester Bears
B.C. Riders

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Boston Banshees

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