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Seattle Thunderbolts

Started by Armorbeast, November 23, 2019, 06:52:46 am

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Seattle Thunderbolts

In 1892, the Seattle Athletic Club was established by fans of American rules football which had been introduced from the east by college players who attended east coast colleges. They were nicknamed the Blue Diamonds playing in the Pacific Northwest Association of the Amateur Athletic Union (or PNAAU) from 1892 until the league folded in 1914. In 1907, the first attempt at professional football competition was established with the Spokane City League formed in 1907 lasting only one season with the Spokane Black Cats winning the championship. While the league folded, it's best players were brought together preserving the Spokane Black Cats as an independent team which had existed in 1906 as the Spokane independents. The Spokane Black Cats would compete as independents until the USAAFL bought the team in 1917 to establish it as a development team and renamed them the Spokane Sea Lions. In 1926, they merged with the Seattle Athletic Club and relocated to Seattle to find a larger fan base helping to establish the Seattle Independent Leagueto develop local talent to help them gain pro status within the USAAFL. The Seattle Sea Lions would absorb several other football franchises until becoming a full USAAFL franchise in 1931. In 1933, they were behind the formation of the Northwest Amateur Football League as a development league based in the state of Washington as a second attempt to establish a semi pro development league after the SIL folded in 1926 after one season. When the league folded in 1941, the Sea Lions became the Seattle Yellowjackets after the best team in the NWAFL because of the fan support behind the team. At the end of 1945, they purchased the assets of the Bremerton Rockets and became known as the Seattle Thunderbolts retaining the yellowjacket logo while adding a thunderbolt to it. When they absorbed the Spokane Shockers in 1969, they adopted a new logo eliminating the yellowjacket and new team colors of navy blue, grey / silver and yellow. By this time, the Thunderbolts were falling on hard times as several key investors had pulled out selling their ownership rights to the remaining investors who endured losses due to several losing seasons. When a group of investors failed to create a pro football franchise in 1974 called the Seattle Kings, the Thunderbolts found new investors who bought into the team strengthening it's capital reserves and leading it to success on the field. They would undergo yet another new rebirth as they adopted the Hammer of Thor as their new logo surrounded with lightning and engraved with symbols from it's past including a yellowjacket on the hammers head.

Team Colors

Home Colors:
Away Colors:
Neutral Colors:

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Cheerleading Squad

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Team Nicknames

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Booster Club

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Legacy Teams

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Development Leagues

1894 Great Northern Railway Silver Cup (PNAAU)
1895 Great Northern Railway Silver Cup (PNAAU)

Spokane City League
1907 Spokane Black Cats

Seattle Independent Football league
1926 Bremerton All Stars

Northwest Amateur Football league
1933 Champion: West Seattle Yellowjackets (7-1)
1934 Champion: West Seattle Yellowjackets (6-2-1)
1935 Champion: West Seattle Yellowjackets (10-1-1)
1936 Champion: West Seattle Yellowjackets (8-1-1)
1937 Champion: Renton Rams (10-2)
1938 Champion: West Seattle Yellowjackets (9-2)
1939 Champion: Enumclaw Silverbarons
1940 Champion: Boeing Aero Mechanics (4-0-4)
1941 Champion: West Seattle Yellowjackets (7-0)

1942 Northwest War Industries Football League Championship

1942 WIFL Champions

Seattle Athletic Club (1892 - 1926 Athletics)
Tacoma Athletic Club (1891 - 1928)
Spokane Independents 1906
Spokane Black Cats (1907)
Rainier Valley Athletic Club (1908 - 1929)
Bremerton Destroyers (1935 - 1938) Northwest Football League
Olympia Senators / Shamrocks (1935 - 1936)
Tacoma Red Devils / Colombians (1936 - 1938, 1939)
Renton Rams (1937 -1940)  Northwest Football league
Bremerton Red Raiders (1940 - 1942) Northwest Football League
Seattle Shipbuilders (1942 Northwest War Industries Football League / Washington Independent Football League)
Spokane Manlowes (1942 Northwest War Industries Football League)
Seattle Ironworkers (1943)
Tacoma Shipbuilders (1943) Northwest Football League
Bremerton Mountaineers (1943) Northwest Football League
Seattle Bombers (1944)
Bremerton Rockets (1945)
Tacoma Indians (1946)
Seattle Ramblers (1962 - 1965 North Pacific Amateur Football League)
Seattle Rangers (1966 Pacific Football League, 1967 - 1969 Continental Football League)
Spokane Shockers (1969, Continental Football league)

Art: Armorbeast
Song: Twilight of the Thunder God ~ Amon Amarth


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Seattle Sea Lions

Art; Armorbeast & Impmon
Song; This Is The End ~ Dust In Mind