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Honolulu Sharks

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Honolulu Sharks

The origins for the Honolulu Sharks are set in the sugar cane industry of the mid 19th century in Hawaii. By leasing land from King Kamehameha III, a company called Ladd & Co. established the Koloa Plantation which survived until being sold to the Grove Farm in 1844 and ultimately, Koloa Agricultural Company was purchased by the McBryde Sugar Company in 1899. Seeking a recreational pastime for employees, McBryde created a rugby team called the Ele'ele McBrydes (aka Blackwater McBrydes) and began challenging others across the Hawaiian islands to play them. When the control of the company was acquired by Alexander & Baldwyn in 1912, the rugby team became an American Rules franchise but remained under the McBrydes ownership.

In 1948, the company merged with Grove Farm and became the Hawai'ian Kings dedicated to the ancient kings of Hawaii. They were now struggling for survival because the Pacific Coast Professional Football League introduced the Hawai'ian Warriors in 1946 and they had become a championship franchise. But, later in 1948, the PCPFL folded and the US-AAFL bought the franchise to merge it with the Kings preparing the team to join the USA-AFL in 1950. Ten years later, the California Sharks (from Fresno) were looking to relocate and because of the financial weakness of the two teams, the USA-AFL merged them giving birth to the Honolulu Sharks. When the World Football League brought the Hawaiians to Honolulu, the Sharks would survive and purchased the assets of the Hawaiians when they folded in 1975.

Team Colors

Helmet: Blue, Black & Silver Stripes
Home Colors: Blue Jersey, Black Sleeve Stripes, Silver Numbers, Silver Pants, Black Stripes
Away Colors: White Jersey, Black Sleeve Stripes, Blue Numbers, Silver Pants, Black Stripes
Neutral Colors: Silver Jersey, Black Sleeve Stripes, White Numbers, Black Pants, Silver Stripes
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__________________________________________________ ________________________

Cheerleading Squad

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Team Nicknames

The Hawaiian Kings
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Booster Club

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Legacy Teams

Ele'ele McBrydes
California Rangers
Hawaiian Kings
Hawai'ian Warriors
The Hawaiians

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1947 Hawaiian Warriors 1947 (PCPFL)
1948 Hawaiian Warriors 1948 (PCPFL)

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Development Leagues

Pacific Football League (PFL)

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