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Montana Crushers

Started by Armorbeast, November 29, 2019, 12:44:46 am

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Montana Crushers

The Montana Crushers began as a team in the Northwest Football League called the Cedar Rapids Crushers. The team had been founded by Howard Hall and Guy Franzee of the Iowa Manufacturing Company which crushed stone for highways. The NWFL folded at the end of 1938 and were purchased by the USA-AFL for further development before moving them to Billings, Montana as part of the Greater Northwestern Football League (fic). While this would be an active region for pro football, it was a less populated region with less financial resources so that this separate league proved necessary to build support.

Playing against other amateur leagues like the Northwest Amateur Football League and it was during one such game against the Tacoma Colombians that the owners got the idea to adopt a logo based on a wooly mammoth to improve fan support in this northern state where mammoths once actually roamed. The team would be purchased by the Anaconda Copper Mining Company which was headed up by investor Cornelius Kelley. Anaconda Copper was founded by Marcus Daly who entered into partnerships with the likes of the Rothchilds and William Rockefeller buying out their competition to form Amalgamated Copper Mining Company

When Daly died in 1900, his widow became involved with a man named John D. Ryan who became President of Anaconda Copper soon after. Ryan further strengthened the company by taking over the assets of the remaining two Copper Kings F. Augustus Heinze and William A. Clark (one of the wealthiest Americans ever). So powerful were these companies that they brought about the Panic of 1907 and contributed heavily to the Great depression. It was during this time that his right-hand man, Cornelius Francis Kelley came to the forefront within the company and saw in the Crushers an opportunity.

They purchased the Dayton Bombers (former Dayton Rosies so named after the community they represented) from the USA-AFL after they purchased the remains of the 1940 MFL. While the Billings Crushers remained part of the USA-AFL Tier Two development leagues, Con Kelly purchased the American Football Leagues; Buffalo Indians in 1942. As part of the USA-AFL, the Indians gave them Tier One status until they decided to merge their franchises creating the Montana Crushers in 1955. When the USA-AFL purchased the remains of the United Football League in 1964, they purchased the assets of the Grand Rapids Blazers and absorbed them.

The Montana Crushers had finally gained an adequate stadium called Con Kelly Stadium (fic) although they would continue playing most of their games on the road until the 21rst century. When the Continental Football League Akron Vulcans became available in 1967 (when their owner was revealed as a con-man refusing to pay his debts) the Crushers purchased the teams assets. They then purchased the Wheeling Ironmen in 1969 when their franchise was revoked due to financial instability. The Crushers turned majority ownership of the team over to the state in 1977 when Anaconda was bought out by ARCO.

The Crushers purchased the American Football Association San Antonio Bulls in 1983 to redevelop them as an American League of Arena Football called the Billings Bulls. This new team would play it's games indoors against other Great Plains Division teams like the Missoula Copperheads and Great Falls Plainsmen. Through the ALAF, the Crushers would be able to develop talent under exclusive contract as backup players while aging and less effective players could be part of the Bulls helping them become more successful.

Team Colors

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Neutral Colors:

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Although they use a mammoth on their logo, they have always used live "copper-colored" anacondas as mascots.

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Cheerleading Squad

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Team Nicknames

The Mountain Crushers
The Colombians

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Legacy Teams

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Development Leagues

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