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Toronto Lumberjacks

Started by Armorbeast, December 22, 2019, 11:29:17 pm

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Ontario Lumberjacks

The Toronto Lumberjacks began play in 1883 as the Toronto Football Club (1883-1894) and merged with the Osgoode Hall Lawyers (1891-1898) in 1899 to form the Toronto Dominion FC. They had gained support from the Toronto Athletic Club when they had absorbed the Toronto Athletic Club TAC Lornes (1895-1897) and were replaced by the Toronto Amateur Athletic Club (TAAC) when the TAC ran into financial difficulties in 1898. The Toronto Dominion would then be purchased by Sir William Cornelius Van Horne of the Canada Pacific Railway controlling it until his death in 1915.

Van Horne oversaw the purchase of the TAAC football club that won the ORFU championship in 1908 and 1910. The Van Horne family retained control over the team and purchased the Tonawanda Kardex Lumbermen in 1921. The new Toronto Lumbermen further strengthened itself by purchasing the Toronto Rowing and Athletic Association Torontos football team and joining the USA-AFL's Canadian division. Sir Henry Worth Thornton purchased majority ownership of the team in 1925 and it was he who brought it into the USA-AFL's Canadian Division.

Rather than releasing the players they no longer needed, they used them to create a new team called the Toronto Buffaloes using the logo used to promote the Tonawanda Kardex team. This team would eventually become the Thunder Bay Buffaloes with both claiming the Tonawanda Kardex as a legacy team. Van Hornes death in 1933 resulted in the sale of the Lumbermen to Sir Edward Wentworth Beatty while the Van Hornes relocated the Buffaloes to Thunder Bay. Under Beatty, the team continued to grow in strength when WWII broke out and they merged with what survived of the Toronto RCAF Hurricanes in 1943.

Grant McConachie purchased the team upon Beattys death in 1943 and gave it the distinctive white, orange and blue colors of Canada Pacific Air Lines. McConachie had owned Yukon Southern Air Transport which was bought out by CPA in 1941 and proved to be the lynchpin for founding the new Royal Canadian Provincial Football League in 1944. The Toronto Lumberjacks would be the leagues first champion and many of it's players went on to the national team which beat the Americans in the first Can-American Bowl. In 1951, McConachie sold his interests in the Lumberjacks to take over the floundering Winnipeg Wolverines.

Before leaving, McConachie had secured a merger with the Toronto Indians after their failed merger with the Toronton Balmy Beachers resulted in their folding. The Toronto Athletic Club now regained ownership as a representative body of all the investors who owned the team. The Lumberjacks then absorbed the bankrupt Toronto Rifles in 1967 and gained new investment when the Toronto Northmen of the WFL collapsed moving to Tennessee as the Memphis Southmen. Majority ownership was turned over to North York in 1982 but the majority of it's private ownership have since moved to nearby Vaughan.

Team Colors

Home Colors:
Away Colors:
Neutral Colors:

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Cheerleading Squad

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Team Nicknames

The Jacks

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Booster Club

Toronto Athletic Club

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Legacy Teams

Toronto Indians
Toronto Rifles
Toronto RCAF Hurricanes
Toronto Rowing and Athletic Association Torontos

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Development Leagues

Ontario Football League

Brantford Redskins
Bramalea Satellites
Sarnia Golden Bears



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Toronto Bounty Hunters


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