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Happy 2020

Started by AmirA, December 31, 2019, 03:51:11 am

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Happy New 2020 to all our DSA members.
Be blessed during the New Year coming our way. ;)
A freak like me just needs infinity...


Hopefully 2020 will be a lot better than 2019 as it was an overall bad year.


Best wishes to you all.


Sending lots of wishes for everyone. Here is hoping that 2020 is a great year filled with the things you love most.


Sad this year started bad for many especially me losing my son and now this nasty virus and many friends having issues heart attacks like me and cancer too. Hope that this virus goes away and things get better if not we need 2020 to go away. According to numerology four is not a good number and 2020 adds up to 4. Hope you all have a better year soon. Stay safe everyone.


I think most are agreeing this is a terrible year so far... and we're just 3 months into it :(


Hope it will get better soon. Stay healthy, stay safe.


2020 will be a year we remember for a long time.


May this year give us perspective beyond measure.


I'm not measuring anything. I'm just trying to survive and remembering to keep my head down when the action starts.

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