Lovecraft Reimagined

Started by Armorbeast, January 11, 2020, 07:45:30 am

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I've always found H.P. Lovecraft somewhat of an enigma. Most of his works are so weird that I've never really gotten into them. I like C'thulu and the whole mythos has appeal, but it often seems more to me like he was on some bad drugs but had a vivid imagination lol. But the weirdness carries over to many other myths and legends where things make a bit more sense even if they don't actually. In Hollywood, one can say that Lovecrafts influences are many and Stephen King's "IT" seems a perfect example of Lovecraftian influences. Other legends like the Jersey Devil and many European myths that don't quite fit in with accepted belief structures seem tailor made for Lovecraft.

I think that Lovecraft tapped into this and gave it a life of its own where previous authors and storytellers failed to do so. If you could build on the Lovecraftian Mythos using existing myths and legends that just seem more like they fit his style than anything else, what would you add?


I always liked the entire Cthulhu mythos, and the name Whately remains one of my favorites. It just projects a certain "wrongness." I agree H.P. had an incredible imagination, but his short stories soon became tedious and his writing repetitive. I would love to have a dollar for every time I read "cyclopean" and "impossible geometries." And his entire dreamlands series just screwed with my mind. I did like the concept of "The Strange High House in the Mist," but to me it seemed that nothing really happened there. And I have no motivation to read it again lol. It looks like the board games might be fun. They have a store here called Arkham Games. I may have to check it out. I do love painting miniatures. Thanks for the post!