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The Dark Side of Fantasy...


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Trölls can be fearsome, short, deadly, gigantic and humorous coming in all shapes and sizes. With rare exception, Trölls tend to be ugly to downright hideous or deformed. The reason for the great variance within this clade lay in their origins which begin on the planet Kūn. It was a world invaded by demons called the Veonds who possessed a significant percent of its populations. Unable to purge themselves of the demons, the peoples of Kūn discovered a secret for enslaving the demon to its host thus freeing them from the demons control.

Yet, the newfound power of those possessed by the demons allowed them to gain ascendancy over those who had not been possessed and to protect that power, they began inbreeding which eventually changed them over time into a separate species altogether. They were also growing more powerful until the most powerful among them went mad with that power and destroyed their world. When the Worlds of Shadow were formed, Kūn was reborn as the world that became known as Elderon and some of these demon-possessed beings were reborn as the first Trölls.

The Grandmaster Zaejin was one of these first-generation Trölls from a time when there were no distinct Tröll races. He understood that the secret to true power was knowledge and that it was the lack of knowledge that led to the destruction of Kūn from ignorance. It is from his quest for knowledge that the Sakar'elohar came into being. The first generation of Trölls were also elementals of earth and sky who eventually became transformed into stone some as large boulders while others became mountains.


The Sakar'elohar detailed the emergence of Ke'shokar (first male Tröll) from the darkness shaking the soil from himself revealing the flames that once consumed him. He would survive long enough to become father of a race to bear his name calling themselves the Shokari who proved so successful that at one time, they ruled over most of Elderon. The Shokari (the Shokar) "raised up" the first Saurian races through a process of forced evolution to wage war with one another.

From them, the Tröll races would be born and their wars only grew in magnitude as the "The sons of Esop" emerged to control them. Esop was a warrior king of the Shokari who formed an alliance from which the Shokari agreed to terms of warfare all agreed to adhere to. They would discover hidden doorways between worlds spreading their kind throughout the Worlds of Shadow and afflicting others with trölls-blood to the point they replaced entire peoples. At some point, their ancestors began to degenerate into violence and the desire to improve their intellect became replaced by a thirst for destruction.

Another race called the Shikari emerged from the Shokari wreaking havoc among them. Their wars against the Shikari would break Shokari  power and allowed the oppressed populations they ruled to rise up and virtually exterminate the Trölls on Elderon. Survivors of the slaughter escaped to other Worlds of Shadow where the Shokari came among others making war and slaughter among others before becoming scattered into various Shokar tribes.


Where the Shokari brought sorrow and were generally seen as an enemy, the Shikari became practiced hunters and warriors who once ruled over most of Elderon. While the Shikari would be destroyed, some of them survived to lay foundations for a new race called the D'regs who became among the most violent of all Tröll races. They took their name from what others called them and often proved so violent they would start fighting among themselves when they needed to stand united against their enemies.

D'regs are possibly the most despised of all Trölls because they blend in with other races and species which they then victimize. They are often considered to be Changelings when what they are is Halflings, hybrids where they appear more like their non-Tröll parents only uglier. When on their own, they tend to become serial killers and mass murderers as they are drawn to murder. When there are more of them, they will rampage tend to form groups viewed as cannibals because those they feed upon don't realize they are Trölls.


Possibly the most powerful of the Trölls are a race called the Kūnd because of their militaristic culture. Of all the Trölls, they are the most like their Veond-possessed ancestors and have the strongest genetic structure being so alike that even they sometimes have difficulty telling themselves apart from one another. This is unusual for any of the Tröll races because they normally look so unlike one another. They tend to be tall, lean, extremely aggressive and have typical traits of demons such as horns and prehensile forked-tail.

The Kūnd also differ in that they work together and adhere to a strong military regimen with the mentality that strength and survival depends on mutual cooperation. Wherever they settle, the Kūnd prepare for war and conflict viewing any prospective enemy as a serious threat regardless of who or what they are. If the Kūnd have a weakness, it's that their military regimen leaves them with battle scars and disabilities with many being killed during their training where weaker Kūnd either get stronger or die.

The origins of the Kūnd were revealed by Grandmaster Zaejin as having intermingled their blood with a therapsid subspecies created by the Shokari over which their ancestors ruled. These creatures had been further evolved when a mentally ill Fae named Urneph who had suffered brain damage battling the Kūnd before joining them. His enchanted blood spread quickly among the therapsids and then passed into the Kūnd when these two races merged.

The Kūnd do not view themselves as Trölls thinking themselves more akin to the demons whose blood flows within them. Because of their racist views toward other races, the Kūnd rarely mix their blood with outsiders and view any such mating as a betrayal of their race. While they are not necessarily magical beings, they have been trained to fashion enchanted weapons using the enchanted energies in their blood. They are quite agile, possess great leaping ability and are known to transfer the enchantment from their weapons to their claws.


The Ferog are often called "Swamp Trölls" for which they are often jokingly referred to as embodying the element of mud. They are amphibious typically being shades of green to brown and the longer they live, the bigger they get... and the fatter. Ferog differ from most Trölls in that the older and more physically helpless they become, the more their mental control over others increases as does their arcane abilities. They are amphibious in nature and the younger among them are deadly swimmers.

Ferog reproduce by laying thousands of small eggs so that once a year the waters where they live are thick with them. Few of these eggs will survive as even the Ferog eat them. But those that do survive mature until they hatch and join their parents never knowing who they are. Some of these eggs survived by not growing so they could become lost. Those Ferog born from these eggs would become the diminutive Orks (not to be confused with Órç) who sometimes live among Tröllkins to avoid being eaten and have merged with Deathcap Elves.


Tröllkins are the smallest of the Tröll races having intermarried with Pixies sometime in the ancient past. Unlike Pixies, Tröllkins can be more robust and somewhat attractive while they are young getting ugly or plain as they age where Pixies are considered beautiful or cute over their entire lifetime. Unlike most Trölls, Tröllkins are more benevolent in nature because Pixie magick canceled out the inherent malevolent nature most Trölls possess. They are known for their good humor and good deeds but can turn devilish if provoked.

Considered to be a type of "Forest Tröll", Tröllkins rarely leave forest environments except to dwell underground as they prefer a temperate climate. They gained the nickname of "Toadies" from the Ferog because they are short, squat and very much like their own Orks who are often eaten by Ferog if they can't escape. The Tröllkins are not weak because they are small as being small means they can forge a greater number of enchanted weapons and they are excellent builders of fortifications and traps.

Myrkviðr-Forest Trölls

Also known as "Forest Trölls" and Wild Men, the Myrkviðr are a powerful race who take their name from the dark forests they inhabit. They are the only known Forest Trölls to have built a kingdom and they are not to be taken lightly. Their kingdom is surrounded by two-hundred miles of haunted forest where they know their way and how to deal with the horrors within but outsiders need skilled guides to trespass. Forest Trölls are descended from the Truzlą meaning their blood is mixed with that of Øgres and through them, the Órçs.

At some point, they mixed their blood with the Svartdvergr (black dwarves) and Myrkálfar (dusky elves) who themselves are offspring of the Svartálfar (black elves). Where Trölls-Blood normally eliminates the genetics of those races they intermarry with, the blood passed into them descended from the Svartálfar proved an exception making them much more like one another. They tend to be tall, robust and muscular with dark-green to black skin who tend to be dark-natured but serve more to protect the Dark Forests they call home.

Forest Trölls beyond the Myrkviðr tend to be solitary and often evolve to disappear into their environment like chameleons. They are often covered with hair which is why they are often referred to as Wild Men or GreenMen and often mistaken for Sásq'ets with all their various races. The Antiz are possibly the greatest variation of these as Forest Trölls "mate" with trees by merging their life energies and form with a tree as they die. These giants are newly reborn from Trölls-Blood as the "child" of this mating.

Bergatröllen-Mountain Trölls

In ancient times, Rock Trölls could grow to such massive size that when they died they became mountains. To call them dead is somewhat a misnomer as it would be more correct to say they are in a deep sleep and when this happened, new Rock Trölls could be formed from their bodies. But, to be more specific, the Bergatröllen are Forest Trölls establishing trölldoms to physically merge themselves with Rock Trölls that were little more than elemental beings.

Bergatröllet form small kingdoms ruled over by Bergakungen (Mountain Kings) which often are among the more renowned of all Trölls. The most powerful of all Bergakungen was called Grakaos and what made him so powerful(and almost god-like) was that he became the living avatar of the mountain god where his kingdom was established. His power was so great that he awakened the mountain from which he ruled and it took the song of ten thousand Faeries to put it back to sleep.

Steintröllen- Rock Trölls

Steintrölls (Rock Trölls) are the most well known of all Trölls because they are so spread out and take various forms but where everyone knows what they are when they see one. They are often considered to be a species apart from other Trölls because they are complete elementals possessing nothing organic about them unless it's growing on them. The Eldtröllen (Fire Trölls) were reborn as elemental fire, souls lacking physical form and bound by the elemental power of earth forcing them to create bodies of stone.

Some Rock Trölls have become beings of molten stone while others are only partly so and most seem to have no fire within them until they are destroyed. The latter most often seem to be more smoke than fire until exposure to extreme heat rekindles the fires within them. Rock Trölls are often very limited in intellect and easily subdued to the control of malevolent forces because they are creatures of destruction. Others are more intelligent and can seem almost like any other living being while some can seem little more than a pile of animated rocks.

Jäätüdäk-Ice Trölls

One of the more threatening Tröll races are the Jäätüdäk, Trölls who mixed their blood with the Hrímþurs (Frost Giants). The Jäätüdäk are often confused with Frost Giants because, technically speaking, they are but they aren't Hrímþurs and they bear the telltale signs of their Tröll heritage in that they appear freakishly ugly and can differ from one another dramatically. They are better known as Ice Trölls in their smaller forms as they range greatly in size like the Jötnar they are related to with some standing no taller than 7 or 8 feet.

Jäätüdäk have white to ice-blue hair and eyes are an inheritance from the Hrímþurs as is their blue-skin but sometimes it appears white or has sharp, icy growth on their bodies that tend to flake off like dandruff but melt soon after being shed. Some of them grow long body fur often confusing them for Yeti's when naked but they often still wear furs to retain their Jäätüdäk identity. They typically will use a weapon of convenience or something taken from others as they tend to be solitary by nature uniting only when sorcery is used to bring them together.

Space Trölls

Space Trölls are somewhat of an enigma as they are descended from the Trölls of Elderon. When the Saurian races rose up, Trölls escaped through doorways between worlds. Elderon was in a unique position within the constellation known as the Phoenix at this time and the celestial lineup opened portals to much further away. They found themselves transported to worlds within our galaxy within this constellation, and galaxies further away that can be seen within it.

It was a configuration so rare that it may never happen again. Trölls on these worlds, and in galaxies far away, would continue their evolution becoming even more diverse and spread out across time as well as space. Some became spacefaring races while others remained planet-bound. Wherever they might be, Trölls represent havoc and tend to be servants of chaos even across the vastness of space where the Caligari Empire possibly presents them in their most magnificent form where science has perfected the species.


The clade known as Trölls are considered one of the "enchanted" races because their blood contains supernatural energies. Unlike most enchanted races, Trölls are known for their particular ugliness and for their appreciation of ugly things that they find beautiful. Trölls-blood has a quality to it that eliminates anything which isn't Tröll should they interbreed with any other species while duplicating traits of the non-Tröll parent such as size, color, appendages, physical appearance, etc...

Trölls intermingling their blood with that of other races and species generally is not by the choice of these non-Trölls. Some animals have been afflicted with Trölls-Blood by having consumed Tröll flesh and insects have been transformed for similar reasons but rarely pass on their affliction. Trölls would spread throughout the Worlds of Shadow and even found their way into the Abode of Gods where they intermarried with lesser gods descended from the Jötnar.

Trölls are immune to all disease and are extremely resilient creatures whose blood can be used to heal non-Trölls. There is a price for this, however, as Trölls-Blood will infect those being healed and begin transforming them into Trölls as well. That doesn't necessarily mean they will become ugly as they will retain most of the features of the non-Tröll and this can be reversed with toxic levels of thornapple leaving the user feverish, hallucinating and semi-conscious for weeks but healed as only those born of Trölls are permanently changed.

Trölls-blood is often viewed as a disease by many for this reason and due to its unique characteristics, it can be used in spellcasting or creating various chemical compounds. The very name Tröll can be synonymous with magick leading to practitioners of such magick being called Tröllmann (male wizard) or Tröllkvinne (female wizard). The most powerful of these will use actual Trölls-blood in their spellcasting sometimes infecting them and turning their flesh to whatever color the Trölls is.