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Egyptian Gods

Started by Armorbeast, February 26, 2020, 09:53:57 am

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We are developing our Worlds of Shadow project behind the scenes. We will occasionally ask for your help on such things as this... the Egyptian Gods. There were many of these and what I'm asking you to do is find articles about these gods that are informative, images of the gods you like and maybe even some music videos. Our Vampire Gods will originate from the gods of the Ennead (that's what their pantheon is called). We will be asking you to help develop these Vampire Gods as well.

The gods in the DSA Universe have become merged together on a massive world which serves as the Sun for the Worlds of Shadow. It is called Godheimr and it's largely undeveloped as yet. The Gods of Egypt are primarily worshiped on Sakkara (which I am developing currently) but will also impact the other twelve of thirteen worlds.

So let's research this but try to be informative as we will develop our own versions of these gods. Don't use gods from video games and such unless they are based on mythology or you have an idea for a new god or a reinvention of a god. Maybe you have found a little known god and find something interesting about them that leads to a new name and a new direction?

But for now, I would like for you to focus on Egyptian Gods.