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The Dark Side of Fantasy...


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When the Dark One arrived on this world, it was a world like any other before him. During the Awakening, something would go horribly wrong as if the land itself had been mortally wounded by his actions. Geysers of blood and planetquakes would rip the land leaving gaping wounds where the lands erupted forth as they awakened. It was as if the realm itself were as a living thing awakening to the horror of finding itself ripped open and in agony unwilling, or unable, to die.

Before him emerged a land where rivers of blood flowed forth into crimson seas and where raging blood red skies unleash torrential rains of crimson to replenish the lands below. When the storms finally relented, the difference between night and day would only be different shades of red from scarlet skies by day to deep crimson at night. Then came rivers of blood which flowed forth until forming inland seas giving birth to Erythrà Thálassa (the Erythraen Sea).

It is from here that Apep, a physical manifestation of this worlds Great Beast, the Impaled God, would rise forth. Seeking to heal this world, the Dark One did all he could to undo the damage leaving it scarred like an injured beast in its death throes when he found himself under attack by Apep. In the conflict that followed, the world fought back against him and the Dark One defeated Apep by outsmarting him as the further he traveled from the Great Beast, the weaker he became.

When the Dark One retired to heal himself, he would be forced to move on unable to finish his work leaving half this world as he found it. One-third of the world lay in perpetual daylight and another in perpetual night with what remained in the middle between them being a mix of both. The northernmost third of this world became known as Hedjet, the central regions became known as Tărâmor (aka Tărâmuri de Păduri Întunecate; Dark Forest Lands) and the remaining lands became Deshret.


Known as the Land of the Midnight Suns, Hedjet is a sweltering land mostly comprised of boiling geysers and burning sands making lifegiving water sacred to all life dwelling there. The peoples prayed for mercy from fertility and solar deities called the Pesedjet (the Ennead) and the Heru. The northern geographic pole was baked hard by unforgiving suns and it was here that the Imperial House of Eternity would be founded. Within it lay another realm called Āwanu (i.e. Iunu) and it was a paradise lush with with all manner of lifeforms.

When it was destroyed, the energies erupting forth creating a protective field high above offering some relief to the surviving life below making it somewhat cooler than the rest of the planet. This was a land of salt and sand surrounding an underground oasis around which was built Hēlioúpolis from the ruins of the Imperial House. Called the City of the Sun, it is a magnificent place where almost everything is painted white and fireproof canvas stretches out to reflect even more of the sun's light back into the skies above.

Beyond the lands of Hēlioúpolis lay the vast arid deserts of Antt. Rivers flowed north from Tărâmor bringing lifegiving waters turning swaths of the desert floor green, creating lakes and even subterranean seas. The peoples of these lands migrated along these rivers establishing cultural centers and intricate canal systems to make desert areas bloom. They would build cities where they otherwise could not due to lack of water and created farmlands where the river gods allowed them to settle.

Giving way to savannahs and marshlands to the south, life in these lands learned to seek shelter when their moon burns like a second sun throughout much of what passes for day in Hedjet. They sleep during the day when the Sun is at its most fierce becoming more active when the hottest part of the day has passed and the Moon is revealed for what it truly is. It is within this region that the strongest influences from ancient Egypt can be felt with its fertility cults, solar deities, and monumental architecture which includes the House of Ra.

Hedjet is also known as the Land of Ten-Thousand Pyramids because they dominate the landscape in all directions. In fact, there are far more than ten-thousand pyramids because as they are favored in many forms of architecture but primarily serve as places to venerate the gods and where rulers lay until their successors perish. When such an event happens, the former rulers are removed to a mastaba dedicated to their family so that ancestor worship might be undertaken.


Beginning with the wet marshlands of Isheru (aka Ashru) to the north, Tărâmor is more temperate and subtropical in nature than Hedjet. South of Isheru exists the rocky wetlands of Carinthia wherein mountains rise up into the skies above that have been heavily worn. These mountains are heavily worn and the cultures within Carinthia begin to reveal a substantial change. Rather than Egyptian, they are more European in nature and the forests take on an Alpine racial and cultural form.

While being more Alpine in nature, Queen claims rule here from Ishera being the daughter of Sokar and Sokaret. Defeated in battle and having fled Goðheimr to avoid execution when her father would not come to her rescue, Satiah would be stripped of most of her power by her mother who had arranged her exile to Sakkara. She became a barbarian queen who possessed a genius for trade and ruling over others so that her sword-arm gave her rule over much of Ishera and Carinthia.

Beyond the Mountains of Carinthia, the lands become more tropical in nature and its peoples more directly descended from Southeastern Europe in ancient times intermixed with Egyptian and Mesopotamian influences. These diverse peoples adapted to life in the trees as well as the ground becoming highly adept with both bow and spear becoming guardians of the woodlands. While considered primitives, the peoples of these lands share various things in common providing commercial networks and alliances making them quite formidable.

To their south lay the Carpathian peoples who control the mountainous regions separating Tărâmor from Amaranthea and the beginning of the Bloodlands. The vampire presence further north has been extremely limited thanks to the Carpathian Kingdoms and the strong alliances they have created with others across Tărâmor. They fight mostly defensive wars and while known as vampire slayers, there are many vampires among them who will even hunt after any among them who "steal" the lives of humans or transform them into vampires against their will.

The various cultures of Tărâmor are known as an arborian culture highly skilled at slaying vampires. They are mostly hunter-gatherers with only settled communities pursuing agriculture and kingdom building. There are many Nymphs and Sylvan Elves in Tărâmor adding to their diversity and explaining why the god Sylvanus is so important in their religious beliefs. They would also worship his wife, the fertility goddess Maia, as a nymph whose powers represented growth and she gave birth to Sylvans, Nymphs and Fauns fathered by Sylvanus.


Sun & Moon

Sokar & Sokaret


The Grandmaster of Sakkara is a being known as Seth-Amon, a being who survived the destruction of his world of birth fully conscious of his origins and the story of this world before it became part of the Worlds of Shadow. In writing the origins of Sakkara, Seth-Amon begins with the story of SebÉaŋa, the past incarnation of Earth onto which he was firstborn. He grew into becoming a High Priest of Xul, the Impaled God and Father of all Vampires and their greatest of all gods.

To defeat the vampires that had beset their world, the peoples of this world found a way to create unending daylight because where sunlight wouldn't destroy them outright, it would be like quick-acting cancer to them burning and eating away at their flesh. But, within the Impaled God existed Apep, an ancient serpentine god first formed when the universe was yet young and unformed that found a means for survival by possessing the Impaled God to become his avatar.

Apep would manifest in the forms of mortals to destroy their technologies and to corrupt them so that theirs became a world of darkness granting vampires rule and bringing about the destruction of their world. Seth-Amon had been the agent for this destruction as he had turned against his master as the vampires had unleashed a feeding frenzy of all life which could not be controlled. When this world was reborn, Seth-Amon was reborn as well, gifted with conscious memory of the past so that he would become the Grandmaster of Sakkara.

The Great Beast

The Great Beast of Sakkara began existence in the universe before our own at a time when there was no true death. There was only a transition of the soul as physical forms would eventually burn themselves out. This process of reincarnation had its limits in that the soul would itself eventually cease to be as its energies became depleted. There were ways to prevent this as such a soul could survive by parasitically feeding off the life energies of others even as they became transformed into the first true vampires.

A single world would survive the destruction of that universe still buried within that world having evolved into something much more powerful. It was not the lone survivor of pre-existence as upon this world existed others and, within each one, there existed a crystalline shard of power bound to each soul so that they could never die or truly be destroyed. These Unholy beings would be bound to this world even as it entered a cycle of rebirth and destruction over billions of years.

The Impaled God was now one such being having become the most powerful of vampires but is uniquely bound to the stake he is impaled upon. Those who would discover him would be infected by his evil unleashing the plague known as vampires upon this new universe. The most powerful of these would be the serpentine god Apep who became the means by which Xul could escape his prison using Apep as an avatar for his power. Having possessed Xul, Apep became something far greater than he had been and far more powerful.

Xul would become cast into the Worlds of Shadow when SebÉaŋa was destroyed because his body had been excavated and while he could not be removed from the golden stake, the stone surrounding it could be broken free. He would find himself reborn within Sakkara where he was again imprisoned but Apep was still free to emerge from within him. He would survive battles with the Dark One and other great powers that arose on this world. But then came Vlad Dracul who stole away the Impaled Gods power and his body arising to become Lord Magistrate.

It is ironic that this transference would bring about a final transformation leaving Apep as the Great Beast possessing the power which Dracul could not steal from Xul but became possessed by the soul of Xul in the process of doing so. Apep was now free from Xul for the first time in billions of years and immediately began laying plans for his release as while he was now free of Xul, the Lord Magistrate copied the runes from the stalagmite upon the walls which became Apep's prison.